In a vain attempt to dilute her blood alcohol, one would suppose, Sherre grabs the DPS officer’s GATORADE and drinks it then tries to vomit. He writes about it and is pretty obviously butt hurt. Now, this wouldn’t work for you and me and it didn’t work for her either, BUT, something else did….hmmm.

HIGHWAY PATROL DIVISIONOFFENSE REPORTREPORT DATE: INVESTIGATING OFFICER:JOHNSTON, SHERRE WHITNEYCOUNTY:blood draw, after Johnston provided written consent. After medical clearance was received, Johnston was transported, booked, and released into McLennan County Jail for Driving While Intoxicated – 2nd (MA)!!6. While Johnston was sitting in the front seat of my patrol car handcuffed she unbuckled her seat belt a few times. After unbuckling her seat belt the first time she looked around my patrol car and then drunk my Gatorade that was in the back seat area of my patrol car. She then threw the empty bottle on the floor. She was then on camera stating she has to throw up and looked as if she was attempting to do so inside the patrol vehicle, but was unsuccessful in her attempt. At some point while in the vehicle she locked my vehicle doors, activated the emergency button, and played with my in-car radio console buttons. !!7. Johnston’s blood was sent to the Texas Department Of Public Safety Crime Lab for analysis. An analysis of her blood showed her BAC to be .!!8.

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