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My favorite part is when the cop on DWI #2 complains that Sherre Johnston drank his Gatorade and then attempted to vomit unsuccessfully. Notice how she just won’t behave for those boys in uniform, naughty naughty bad bad, someone has Daddy issues, and just cannot drive. WHY other people would have NO driver’s license now but she does, well, she also has more religion than me too. Magic. Too bad Jesus wasn’t driving, she hit a tree, telephone pole, oh, with the Christian boys in the car with her, don’t worry, Truman comes and saves the day, read on, love it. This ain’t me, little Sherre darlin’ prettier than anybody even in the mugshots, the cops wrote this. Love it.

Sherre drank the cop’s Gatorade……LMAO

Well, here it is, the Texas Department of Public Safety’s first TWO DWI’S, if you had your kids in the car with her on DWI #2 you might want to rethink the next outing after reading the strange goings on of DWI number 2 scroll below. As usual, Truman Simons gets there and tries his best to save the day, and he gets there before the cops. Don’t worry all this is just a figment of my mind and a lie over at the DPS, it never happened.

These are TWO DWI’s, how many of your friends got off on two DWI’s? Hmmm. Well, soon, we’ll publish the next batch, not to mention the TWO new indictments in February and April.

Yeah, she’s writing a book about someone else, hell, the cops write an entire Chapter on the Offense Report.


Page 1 of Records for requestor

Page 3 of Records for requestor

Here is DWI #2, Sherre’s

Page 12 of Records for requestor
Page 13 of Records for requestor

Monday, September 26, 2016FILE TITLE:REPORT # MCLENNANHOWARD, RYAN WHITMANTX4PA10UKH31Page 3 of 3THP-1 (11/10 r104)TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETYTEXAS HIGHWAY PATROL DIVISIONOFFENSE REPORTREPORT DATE: INVESTIGATING OFFICER:JOHNSTON, SHERRE WHITNEYCOUNTY:blood draw, after Johnston provided written consent. After medical clearance was received, Johnston was transported, booked, and released into McLennan County Jail for Driving While Intoxicated – 2nd (MA)!!6. While Johnston was sitting in the front seat of my patrol car handcuffed she unbuckled her seat belt a few times. After unbuckling her seat belt the first time she looked around my patrol car and then drunk my Gatorade that was in the back seat area of my patrol car. She then threw the empty bottle on the floor. She was then on camera stating she has to throw up and looked as if she was attempting to do so inside the patrol vehicle, but was unsuccessful in her attempt. At some point while in the vehicle she locked my vehicle doors, activated the emergency button, and played with my in-car radio console buttons. !!7. Johnston’s blood was sent to the Texas Department Of Public Safety Crime Lab for analysis. An analysis of her blood showed her BAC to be .!!8. I certify that I have provided and will continue to provide to the McLennan County District Attorney’s office all documents, items and information in our possession, custody, or control on this case and further certify, that I will on my own initiative provide the McLennan County Criminal District Attorney’s Office with any supplemental documents, items and information that come into my possession subsequent to the filing of this case.NOT APPLICABLE


  1. All that police report is interesting to read and all. Wut i wanna hear is the part Sherre gives them cops sex and stuff. I dunno fer sur but i reckon, yes sir i reckon that is how ol’ sherre dont do no time for 9 dwi. Mmmhmm

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