Just got a phone call, seems the first trial in over a year in McLennan County has ended in a “not guilty” verdict, after a two day trial. It was a stabbing case and the newly freed defendant was in jail for over 800 days. Sounds like the jury thought the guy had been punished enough.

George McClain, a part-time construction worker, is charged with stabbing his longtime friend, Terry Bernard, in the chest with a pocket knife on Jan. 24, 2019. The two were fighting over a woman, but McClain, who went to Bernard’s house in the 500 block of Orchard Lane, could have a valid self-defense claim, his defense attorney said.

Bernard, who picked up a brick and told McClain to drop the knife, suffered a punctured left lung in the incident, according to court records.

McClain, who is not eligible for probation, faces from two to 20 years in prison on the second-degree felony. Court records show McClain has a felony conviction for burglary of a building and two misdemeanor convictions for possession of marijuana.

George McClain, just spent 816 days in jail for stabbing his buddy with a pocket knife, think he looked mad and tired of it all going in from his booking pic below, wonder what he looks like now? Hmmm.

George “Boy, do I need a joint now” McClain, poor guy omg.

Man says he was stabbed in fight over woman in first McLennan County trial in 13 months

  • Tommy Witherspoon

A Golinda man testified Tuesday in McLennan County’s first state district court trial in 13 months that George Lee McClain stabbed him during …


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