WTF? Awww, you thought this was cute, right?

Trump's dangerous praise for Texas bus incident

Well, DPS, and the locals all sat it out but the FBI didn’t. Who knew. Seems that the FBI is going to get your license numbers and you will be receiving a visit soon from someone who you will not like. Did these people think this was okay or legal? I doubt it but what difference does that make when you can bully old women, or hell, just women trying to shop. Wonder if they put a flag on the underside of the trucks. One hand on the wheel and the other one in their lap looking for their tiny pkr.

This is what happens when Bubba has no dick and lots of time to just be an ass. His wife has probably given up on him, “we love him, we don’t like him but we love him.” Thanks for making Texas a laughing stock again. AGAIN. Come on down, we’re inbred, rednecks who still yell the N word and hate anyone who is brown. We also call anyone from the middle east the N word with the word Sand in front of it.

You good ole boys have a pampered prick, son of Donald Trump, tell you to go act like eight year olds who stole the keys to grandpa’s car and YOU DO IT.

Hope you had a good time playing Trump toy boy games on the Federal Interstate 35. DPS didn’t care, hell, all the whiny fat cops are for Trump, they don’t want to be defunded. Poor little things. They decided to just sit it out. Well, thank you.

This was an embarrassment, it set Texas back, as if we needed help BEFORE this, put people in danger, on a gawddamned highway.

Well, guess everyone’s dick got chubby and they managed to pull into a Motel 6 for some hot man boy misdemeanor high sex on viagra.


Shame on all of you, and the women who just let them do this shit.

Welcome to Texas where the men are men and the sheep are still scared.

Grow the fk up will you all?

Redneck Narcissism, what the hell next.


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