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Whomever is doing this needs to stop because it’s frankly boring. Never funny. Obviously, no friends because the sense of humor is akin to putting mirrors up womens dresses at sports events.  There’s nothing even clever to make fun of and whomever this little boy in mens clothing is he needs to be caught. 

Year three of dirty texting and someone who knows secrets, or parts of secrets here and there and just enough to make the pocket of known friends, family, or associates point the finger at one another. Back in 2017 people thought it was a friend of mine who it couldn’tve been. When people finally came together and showed one another what they got, and a lot of it was really porn and some got it once, others got it more than once, and some are still getting it.

It would seem that whomever is doing it got away with it in 2017 and has resurrected it in 2020, it was usually done from 10 pm to 4 a.m. so that would tell one a few things.  Someone is on cocaine, at home, has a fairly decent knowledge of the internet, and the people he is sending it to.

It started out as 000-0000 numbers then they got caught playing around with this and stepped up their game by buying a phone plan with Inteliquint and Neutral Tandem. They will send up a random number and message for a fee. Magic Jack, the 000-0000 number was about $39.95 and you can go up from there depending on the threat you want to make, or bribe, and how much not getting caught means to you.

If any of the Harry readers out there have any ideas of who on earth is sending out threatening, pornographic, and downright silly texts and pics to people, please send me a comment under an anonymous name and let’s get together.

People have been to the Waco PD, I wrote about this all Summer in 2017, even I went to the Sheriff’s department, so did others. You know how that went. Nowhere.

See, whomever this is, the Sheriff and Law Enforcement know who it is or have a fairly good idea, it’s more than one person, THEY used to have a good time messing with folks until Barry Johnston’s landslide victor threw a rock into that window they NEVER SAW COMING.

Let’s find out who this ass is and expose him, it’s all we have as citizens on this phone harassment spin the bottle game.


4 thoughts on “WHO IS DOING THE TEXTING?? DIY?

  1. The sheriff is the biggest pervert of them all.
    Ask what he’s been doing for four months.
    He takes his county paid truck out to camp all over
    Over the western United States

    1. Parnell has truly gone over to the dark side. Money and toys. The entire town has noticed the new RV, John Deere tractor, and all the other boy toys including a red light underneath Charlotte’s jeep, nice. That’d just be from a guy who does things for “Par”, just like other people. Parnell’s day is coming. NETFLIX will not be Parnell’s friend. Parnell has made accomplices of many, many of his deputies, some of them just by accident, a slow chipping off of their morals. NOW, they’re waiting on retirement and, for sure, you can’t quit the SO now so they suffer watching this crap show. Parnell is only fooling himself and it’s getting tiring. When the DNA comes in on HEFELE, and it will because it is OUT OF PARNELL”S hands, it’s either Ash or Jimmy Kolacek, whomever it is they’re from WEST and are all associated, you know it. THEY have let a murder walk free among the rest of us, threatening, giving campaign money and having a big time. HE got his monetary start on the blood of a woman who weighed about 100 pounds and he put his nasty slopped up cigar out on her. BIG mistake thank goodness. Parnell already knows IF the cigar is the same one Ash smokes now, like on KWTX when he bailed out Seth Sutton. A town gone totally mad where Narcissists on cocaine and who knows what else run the place. YES, Parnell is a pervert, sherre Johnston said Par was “into______”. bwaaah
      Just a creep already. HEY, thanks for writing me.

    2. He has been in quarantine for four months making people come out to his place WHERE they never get to go into the bosqueville community center, because he and Charlotte have tons of shit they got from suspicious places and events, including their dogs and livestock.

      He’s in quarantine but he went to the Hielo where he had to pass through some Indian Reservations. Gotta love it.

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