Judge Walter Smith was THE MOST OVERTURNED JUDGE in the Western District.


September 17, 1986, the FEDS drained their Austin Office, everyone was in WACKO, they had a Cessna flying circles over our house on Lake Jackson watching Vic Feazell go to work as usual. They had a nice ambush there, TV cameras, the head of DPS Floyd Hacker, the old fart in the clip, Byron Sage, Bob Zane and others. OH, and Channel 8.

Vic was indicted for taking bribes on DWI’s, they had not a one witness confirm this, not a one. There were 13 counts of mail fraud, that was for sending “false” case resolutions to the DPS. There were NO envelopes and no mail fraud because NOTHING WAS MAILED, the DPS had an office at the Courthouse where the DA’s office clerks just took the papers.

THAT’s how desperate, and bewilderingly stupid they were.

AFTER a six week case, the jury found Vic not guilty after two hours.

Jurors told the press live, that Vic was framed.

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If you buck the Rangers, you’ve bucked the entire law enforcement boat, from Dilley, Texas to Dallas, you’ve angered them ALL. They are the brotherhood, they lie and protect one another no matter what.

Vic was indicted for taking $13K in bribes. $13K. When I saw the indictment I couldn’t beieve it, “couldn’t you have done better?” I asked.

The Feds took me and our four year old boy out of a restaurant, THAT affected our son for life.  None of it made any of us or the people around us better people, and WE WON.

WE WON and that really wasn’t enough for them, they didn’t get any happiness out of putting us through it. Nope. Unless you’re laying on their highway road killed it ain’t good enough. RELENTLESS, the FEDS did a Search on our storage unit in Austin, thanks again to ole Walt in the 90’s when we didn’t even live here anymore.

They don’t like losing and their revenge  will last as long as their retirement does, LIFETIME.

If you are a student at Baylor Law, you will NOT be reading compelling legal opinions written by Judge Walter Smith. Nope. He wasn’t in it for the law. He was in it to help himself, his cronies, and, the ETERNAL money. Well, almost eternal, his 200K plus per year continues until his demise. Pays to be a Federal Judge. Walt wasn’t in love with the law, he loved himself and JNOV’D (overturned) jury verdicts whenever he felt like it. Jury of 12 would go through a long trial, trials like Mike Nicoletti, and Sue Collins, remember them, the jury heard everything and came back with a legal verdict for Nicoletti, later Sue Collins won a jury verdict. Right? Nope. Old Walt just threw it out and insulted the juries, the parties involved, and the law itself.  Judge Walter Smith threw out the verdict in the DAVIDIAN CASE. Who could ever forget that?

The man was and is an insult to the Judicial system, his family, and himself, too bad the Narcissism kept him from the reality of self embarrassment. Instead he kept on trucking, no one ever told him not to, he went to work on the bench, drunk, tried to grab as* female employees and has a high salary and health care till death do we rid our pocket books of Judge Walter Smith.

There are some future graves one daydreams of urinating on, aaaah, hope the line isn’t long.

Walter Smith finally got what he deserved, a woman took his creepy ass down after they did everything on earth to make it sound like SHE had a crush on his red faced gin nosed ass. Right? bwaaah.



















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