THIS is the Texas Transparency act, it allows people to see where the money is going, how much, when, and to who. It allows people to see how much the cost is for replacing helicopter parts, or salaries, or promotions, or affidavits or salaries.

It makes it like it used to be when elected officials and employees of the City, County, or State were accountable. When they were asked a question and actually answered it.

When you could send a Public Information request and get an answer instead of the City or County sending off your request to the Attorney General’s office for some bulls**t they know is within the Public Information spectrum but want to d*ck you around and make it all take an extra 1 to 3 months just for fun.

Most every city and county in Texas have it, notice no one even mentions it at the City Council Meeting with our Top Cop.

What a joke.

While the rest of the WORLD has laws that take back government, Waco gets more interested in which old man is likely to die the soonest so he can be the Cotton Palace King.







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