If you have ever sold a washing machine on CRAIGSLIST and an hour after you posted it you begin to receive pictures of penises, there is something just wrong with the world. WACO PD and the Sheriff’s Department recently arrested a guy on dialysis from Lubbock for harassing via the internet, realtors and others here.  This is cyberstalker Andy Castillo who we cared enough about to arrest, bring here, and get the Feds involved.

At this time I have to admit to really loving posting this guy’s picture, the man is cra cra.



AAAAh, tis Summer in Waco again and, just like the past 3 years in a row, my friend, “Dorothy” is receiving photographs on her telephone of amputee porn. Just like a few years ago when it started, she’ll be at the HEB or somewhere and WHAM! there it is, people having intercourse missing a leg or arm, or both.

She’s in her 70’s and really, this whole thing is a big surprise to her, but, when she went to law enforcement with it, they told her it was just spoofing. Does she know who is doing it, yes, she does. EVERYONE does. It’s like flu season, it’s amputee porn season.

Do they even go and have a talk with the guy? Oh, hell no. With the family? Nope.

Why would law enforcement let someone get away with sending crazy stuff, threats, porn, to people all over Waco? Because he’s somebody and the people getting the texts aren’t.

This began in 2017, many, many people began to get texts, threats and porn, pictures of body parts infected with social diseases and other strange things that simply were not funny.

Law Enforcement, you see, is the judge and jury of what cases they will take and what cases they will simply push aside and lie to you and tell you they’re “still investigating”.

If they like the person sending YOU the texts or porn, it’s spoofing, if they don’t like the person or if he’s some total schizophrenic from Lubbock, they’ll move heaven and earth to do something.

AAAAaah, SUMMERTIME, soon to be July, the time when the crazy and alcohol cycle will hit and it’s porn time in Texas.

SO if you are getting charged with spoofing, and you didn’t do it, please get your lawyer to ask me for my file on the 18 people who got threatened and texted and nothing was done, not to mention the older people who are tortured by some idiot who used to be somebody sending them AMPUTEE PORN.

Until my friend showed it to me, both of us had gone our entire lives without seeing this stuff.

Your policing and justice depend on WHO you are, or maybe WHO you used to be.

Good luck.


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