Your police chief, Holt, talked with the other suck ups at CITY OF WACO and a few council people and they’re going to make nice with the mentally ill. Wow. They also will be doing training and other things to move into racial equality policing. Fabulous. They couldn’t hold up to a PUBLIC meeting if that meeting was held with people who are dying of terminal something, don’t drive, don’t drink and don’t mind “them” retaliating.

Why not start with our cops first? Fat Shaming is a bad thing in grammar school, the cops we have are fat, incredibly fat. DPS won’t take anyone who is over 36 in the waist yet WACO just remains so politically correct nothing is said. Maybe some exercise and non fatty eating would improve their outlooks on life as they are not nice, not smiling, not wanting to help and if you chat one up they’ll just tell you how bad they have it. There’s not a liver transplant donor in the place.

Nice. They’re not nice. They’re not nice to me, for sure, I guess I don’t exactly blame them but I have worked places and whether or not I liked someone, I’dve gotten fired for being snarky or any of the myriad of just “shi**y” these guys can be.

Lip Service. If you manage to get their attention, they’ll give you some kind of ra ra lip service and then do nothing. Then get mad when you call them back about your “case” which doesn’t exist.

CAMERAS. They have cameras on their bodies. Ask if they have it on. I did a few times, they don’t. They didn’t. They don’t like to tell you they don’t either.

LAZY. If they’dve gone through the trouble of writing up the mentally ill and/or getting them off the streets a good while back, probably the AT&T guy who died stabbed to death would still be here. Just sayin’.


IF we could ever move into real life ad time and get the TEXAS TRANSPARENCY ACT this sh*t would stop. Immediately.

The Texas Transparency Act lets anyone and everyone actually see and read the truth or whatever they’ve written or done ONLINE anytime.

OH HELL NO, we can’t have that. Houston can. Dallas can. San Antonio can.

WE CAN’T. They have to protect us from knowing what they are doing and have done a dandy job of it. TWIN PEAKS for example?

Our police chief talks to the City Council and tv, wow, ain’t that something.

Get real.



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