Of all the names and faces from one’s Judicial past, Vic talking about Walter Smith reminded me of Federal Judge Lucius Bunton. Now, if there’s a name you want to forget it’s Lucius Bunton. He was the Chief Judge when Senator John Tower cut a place for Walter Smith degenerate offspring of an illustrious sire who the Republicans used for “cannon fodder”, and now elevated to the venerable lifetime position of Federal District Judge.

Lucius, you see, was the cute brother, not Walter, at least in his own mind. Judge Lucius Bunton was legendary for his courtroom antics. He’d take your six week trial and tell you that three days was the maximum and get over it. Lucius also liked to shoot lawyers with a water gun from the bench when they did things he thought were wrong or he was just bored. The bloated Judge that left by the back door on his last day has no legacy stories, just horrors and abhorrent behavior that should never have been tolerated, the man had a terrible drinking habit and no one did a thing. No one. Everyone just had power and a pretty good time together FU*KING folks they didn’t like, insulting juries by overturning their time and intelligence throwing out verdicts. At least you had a sober Judge with Bunton, Walter held the title of most overturned judge in the District his entire reign.

That Judge Walter Smith was the most overturned Judge in the Western District, he blew up people’s lives, he was a drunk and stayed drunk throughout his life time appointment. He was horrible. Hearing Vic talk about him makes me sad because it wasn’t US who brought him down. it was what he did to Sue Collins, to Mike Nicoletti, it wasn’t even what he did to the Davidians, nope. What brought Walter Smith down was a combination of two things, the woman he groped, usually he just married women who worked at the courthouse he was groping, oh, well, and he pissed off City Manager David Smith.

Thank you Vic for making me think happy thoughts of Walt drunk at home, gin nosed with his memories instead of when they killed the dog. THAT hurt.








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