REMEMBER THE CIGAR WITH THE DNA ON IT FROM THE HEFELE MURDER??–40-years-later-question-haunts-family-568191361.html

It is confirmed that there is DNA on a cigar from the crime scene of Lillie Hefele, for some reason, our Sheriff’s department and their hot to trot cold case squad isn’t very interested in just a 40 year old Mexican woman shot in half and had a cigar put out on her. Tough, right? REAL murder, real murderer still on the loose.

Now take a look at Seth Sutton being picked up by Ash Bail Bonds and one fat Johnny Ash proudly sucking on his signature cigar.


Why doesn’t Mr. Ash volunteer his DNA to the nice officers? Hmmm, if accused of a heinous murder, I certainly would.

Welcome to hell, where there is no justice just crazy, mean, and an entrenched system of people making money off one another.

RUN THE GAWDDAMNED DNA IN HEFELE, you want some probable cause? Take a look at that damned cigar.

What the hell does it take.






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