Step 1: Get out of jail

THIS is what Sutton, Tijerina and their attorneys have to face, the most corrupt judicial system in the State of Texas and just the meanest Judge alive. Today we have selected a benign and very old photo of Judge Johnson, IT even looks scary.

Waco judge launches bid for 10th Court of Appeals | The ...


A very big thank you from the Criminal Defense Bar of the State of Texas who thought they were stuck believing this entire story which has given the organization a bad name.

The “Who knew” wanting to know more about the Seth Sutton and Chelsea Tijerina arrest stemming from hire a Waco PD undercover cop for a hit man continues as both Sutton and Tijerina have made bond, thanks to Ash bail bonds.

Now we get to see Sutton’s “team” we hope they’re smart and have at least “heard” about Wacko Waco. The whatever stupid sh*t that happened here,  that ended once the money changed hands, urgh, thinking like a law clerk now, happened, there’s no putting the genie back in this bottle of tequila, goes back and forth with what if’s in your mind. Such a shocking crazy story!

There are always two sides and we hope it’s going to be a rock em sock em doozie, like they say in the movie, “no animals were harmed in the making of this picture”, well, this was some bad wishful thinking gone all the way to the $300 so Sutton has a lot of answering to do and we are all waiting to hear it.

That anyone here with any knowledge of the incredible corruption, good ole boys system, bad reputation,  Judges from Hell, would do anything to go to jail is a mystery, Sutton would seem to be the LAST person to even hang his toes over that line but, who knows.

We also don’t envy him the tooling around he’s going to get, the out of this world rulings, unfairness and downright cruelty from the court system here, ad coronavirus to that, the excuse for everything

You know they’ve stacked the deck against him, that goes without saying so, of course, we feel sorry for the guy and poor Chelsey Tijerina, and hope that nobody is as stupid as this sounds.

Let’s see if ole Judge Prostate Johnson recuses himself.

My theory is they were “on something” that made them crazy and this happened, I hope I’m wrong, being wrong doesn’t bother me, especially for Sutton as this smacks of stupidity and drugs, but I am just not feeling “the evil” ….yet.

Harry is open minded, high school but open minded and never leaning towards the cops.

Ooooh, hope we get a can of whopass going.

It’s too quiet without LaNelle suing Baylor after all.






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