Let’s buddy up to the Narc in the brown jacket.



In a city where you can kill people, for real, have over 100 unsolved murders, have retired elected officials send amputee porn to women for three years  (welcome to Summer), and perhaps, like me, you’d rather just own a gun than have to fool with the unbelievably mean spirited, lazy, and downright baffling Waco PD.

You can tell them who did a crime, give them evidence, and they’ll probably be too lazy to take it or because they don’t like you, they’ll just label you “crazy” and go off thinking you deserve what you get.

You can get threats from the Sheriff’s girlfriend, over and over in writing, threats from local bad boys, in writing, but if “they” don’t like “you”, well, it’s time to grow up Buttercup and DIY, do it yourself, protect yourself because they won’t.

HOWEVER, if you’re a lawyer worth sh*t here, and not many of them are, and you beat the Popo and powers that be, YOU my friend have a nightmare in front of you.

THEY will come after you, this writer knows that for sure and knows more RICO law than most attorneys having gone through a six week federal trial with Vic Feazell looking at 80 years for $13,000 in corruption and bribes. $13,000. Yep. LESS, much less than a new Recreational Vehicle, less than a new John Deere tractor, and much less than the bail on Seth Sutton and Chelsea Tijerina.

Do I approve of hiring someone to kill another person? No. If someone molested my child,  I wouldn’t need anyone’s help, and I am old enough to know that if you want something done right, do it yourself.

Waco, it seems has a very strange TO DO list, obviously, #1 was to fk Seth Sutton and put him out of business and in jail. He had a small motorcycle club with about 6 people. Pi** off the PD and you can hang it up.

WACO PD INFILTRATED SETH SUTTON’S CLUB ON PURPOSE, of course, they’re going to have a motive that’s legal and compelling, cocaine?, organized crime?, to me it just looked like a fun biker calendar of hot guys, a lot of drinking, male bonding and boy stuff I don’t get but I’m an old woman.

THIS case will not help Waco. It will not help the view of Waco PD in the eyes of the public, not that they care.

Waco PD can justify this by saying they stopped a potential murder for hire but one has to wonder just how much a part “they” played in what seems to be the most inept crime of the century that didn’t happen.

Waco will continue to always have just the worst reputation, trust me, all over the WORLD, and nothing will change because this kind of thing, going after people, one at a time as with Sutton, or going after groups, bikers, Davidians, is just going to be sanctioned by corrupt idiots forever.

I don’t like set ups. NO ONE DOES.

If this isn’t drug fueled, and, believe me, I hope it isn’t but don’t think “normal” people get this stupid and brave without the “invincibility” drugs bring.

THIS is one bad situation. One cannot help but concoct defenses for this mayhem, however, the $300 for the gun, is going to make it tough. THEY had best dotted their “i’s” and crossed their “T’s.  Since they never go to the DA’s office for legal help with affadavits etc. if they can get by with not going, it will remain to see if ALl the legal mumbo jumbo is in place.

Since law enforcement in Waco can’t even seem to prosecute a woman in their own jail for being drunk and bringing in drugs, THAT remains to be seen.

One thing’s for sure here. THIS IS F*ed up.











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