When Baylor sends out it’s beautifully choreographed “Legacy” hit up letter to all Alumni again this year, I hope that the Alumni will revolt as this year’s Legacy certainly looks like a Legacy of Rape and a distortion of the basics of right and wrong.

Jacob Anderson sexually assaulted a girl and left her lying helplessly passed out behind a  tent at a Phi Delta Theta party, three counts of sexual assault,  all felonies,  now misdemeanors,  in a plea “deal” with the DA’s office.

Jacob Anderson

It is no surprised that Judge Ralph Strother,  who moved all Biker trials into the lap of Barry Johnston,  signed off on just about the sweetest deal since Judge Gassaway,  Guy Cox and the Jarvises,  remember the Baylor Secretary to Ken Starr and the disappearing dual DWI’s?   (Trib article below)

Unlike the Jarvis case this assistant DA,  Hilary LaBorde had no scruples about going through with this plea,  and obviously because she is a female we are supposed to think that it’s all okay even though we can’t question anyone and must obey the “trust me” Reyna rule of Justice,  rubber stamped by Judges who have nothing to be proud of whatsoever with a straight face.  Amazing.

Brittany Scaramucci couldn’t be bullied into such a hoax and revolted against Reyna, as did others, however this group of prosecutors aren’t cut from that cloth.

Abel Reyna’s still not answering any questions nor releasing the names of the 150 local masturbators from the Zang massage joint.  Like Baylor frat boys and Starr’s secretary,  they must be protected like endangered species.

Nepotism,  Brotherhood in the form of “good old boys” or whatever you want to call them, and the constant insult to the public who has lost the right to question.  After all,  Abel Reyna’s daddy told him not to talk to the media.

We are bullied by our Public Officials,  lied to up close and personal.  You know damned good and well if you’d left some girl lying in her own vomit your ass would be in jail.  Hell,  under the jail.

Every time you think they have gone too far with the latest episode of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” Waco style,  they do something new with a straight face and totally NO ACCOUNTABILITY.

They think we are all stupid.  They are wrong.

Still mad?  Me too.  Let’s stay that way.


WACO, Texas (KWTX) A former Baylor fraternity president who was indicted in 2016 on four counts of sexual assault on Monday pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor to close the case.

Jacob Walter Anderson, 24, indicted on four counts of sexual assault in connection with an alleged rape in which the victim was left lying outside unconscious, pleaded guilty on Monday to one count of unlawful restraint and was sentenced to three years unadjudicated probation and will not be required to register as a sex offender.

Judge Ralph Strother, in 19th District Court, ordered the probation department to complete a pre-sentence investigation in the case, after which the judge will make a final determination on Anderson’s sentence.

Assistant District Attorney Hillary Laborde offered the plea deal Monday.

The victim’s family was in court Monday and later released a statement, which in part reads: “By agreeing to this plea, Hillary Laborde and the DA’s office have allowed that rape is no longer a crime in Texas.”

Local attorney and former McLennan County DA Vic Feazell represented the family in the criminal matters and attorney Jim Dunnam is representing the family in civil matters, Feazell said.

“As a former DA, I never, ever have seen such a sweetheart deal for a defendant like this,” Feazell said.

“It pays to be rich and white in McLennan County when you’re charged with a crime.”

Telephone calls to Laborde weren’t immediately returned, but McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna later issued a statement in which he defended the plea deal.

“Th said.”Let us remind everyone that our oath is to seek justice. In pursuit of that ideal, we must evaluate each case alone on its own merit. Early in this case, law enforcement believed that the victim may have been drugged and this belief has been widely disseminated in the media; however, the evidence did not support that theory,” he said.

“This office stands by the plea offered and believes we have achieved the best result possible with the evidence at hand,” he said.

Feazell filed a motion in late August that pointed out pleading to the lesser charge would remove the sexual assault charge, guarantee probation and not require Anderson to register as a sex offender, all of which came to pass.

The incident occurred early in the morning on Feb. 21, 2015, during a party at a house at 2629 South 3rd St.

The victim told investigators she was sipping a drink at a Phi Delta Theta fraternity party when “she became disoriented and very confused,” a heavily redacted arrest warrant affidavit says.

The affidavit says Anderson led her outside to a secluded part of the property behind a tent in order to get some air, and then forced her to the ground.

Details of the sexual assault were redacted from the affidavit, which says the victim told investigators that at some point she was unable to breathe and lost consciousness.

She woke up outside, alone and lying face down in her own vomit, the affidavit said.



  1. It was obvious that Hilary LaBorde had no intension of taking this case to trial. She stated it is hard to do when there are no previous complaints. Guess she never learned the number 1. There is a first time for everything. Just took her clues from the Republican decision not to believe rape victims.

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