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Abel Reyna doesn’t talk to the media,  he does issue statements.  He gave one to KWTX about a recent plea deal.  Here’s what he said:

“The McLennan County District Attorney’s office is known throughout the state for our aggressive prosecution of sexual assault cases, to say otherwise is simply absurd,” he said.”Let us remind everyone that our oath is to seek justice. In pursuit of that ideal, we must evaluate each case alone on its own merit. Early in this case, law enforcement believed that the victim may have been drugged and this belief has been widely disseminated in the media; however, the evidence did not support that theory.”


” The McLennan County District Attorney’s office is known for “aggressive prosecution of sexual assault cases,   to say otherwise is simply absurd.”      Abel Reyna

People don’t think that.  Hasn’t anyone told you that?  People think this is the most screwed up place on the planet for Justice.  Who the hell are YOU talking to these days that told you that?

You can’t even hire a lawyer to even come here and try a case at just about any price because none of them WANT to come here.  Hello?

The entire city knows something “ain’t right” and they know that everyone is dumping everything they can on our next DA,  Barry Johnson.  Remember Judge Strother dumped all the Biker cases into 2019,  and the Rub and Tug massage parlor cases are somewhere in that Black Hole we call Abel’s office,  hell,  it’s been so long that the Chinese folks already rebuilt another buffet so we can eat shrimp  again while we wait.

Never give a thought to the Biker families who get another Christmas with another year of uncertainty and non resolution not to mention those whose lives are beyond repair.  Act like it’s the normal and right thing to do.  THIS is judicial?

Did you know that as children we get a “sense of justice” at age 5,  this is all offensive to that sense of justice.

Barry Johnson certainly doesn’t deserve inheriting this monster screw up and everyone knows it.

“If I have to be in for the crash landing,  I’d better have been in for the takeoff.”

It’s not all going away January  2019 either,  no matter what Barry Johnson does,  civil cases will finally begin in Federal Court in Austin, Texas where the bikers have sued the living hell out of the County and Abel on and on.

The ex employees will finally get to talk because a Federal Judge will let them when a State Judge just went along with what seems to be a Masquerade Ball visible only to those in attendance.

At some point in the very near future,  Abel Reyna and others will actually be asked questions from the “Worthy” ,  since neither the press nor the people are worthy of questioning the incredible decisions that have been made and endlessly never been explained,  the truth will be forced out in another city.

As it would seem,  we ain’t getting it here anytime soon.  No truth.  No answers,  these people are insulted to even be questioned.


After protecting the silly people from the awful biker hoards and getting butt hurt because it didn’t work out,  some people just threw cases into 2019 like it was the right thing to do.  Make everyone miserable for a while longer,  dump the problem (because that is all this is  now) on Barry Johnson.  Retire.


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What a year.

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Good luck,  Barry.








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