September 30, 2018    “I’m mad too,  Harry”

“I’m mad as hell,  and I’m not going to take it anymore”

Mad, Hell, and Advice Animals: I'M MAD AS HELL
¡Viva La Revolución!


Just when you thought Journalism had hit an all time low,  try looking for this article about the local prostitution cases sitting idle for months after arrests.  Oh, wow,  nine months and you just woke up and talked to the Sheriff’s folks.  Might as well blame Abel and put this on the “Leave it to Barry” agenda everyone seems to have especially Ralph Strother and other interchangeable Judges at the courthouse,  who the hell can keep up with who’s recused and who’s not,  they pop back up like Chinese Buffets,  which by the way is back also.

In the meantime,  the leaky ship known as S.O has fallen short with the Jail Standards Commission,  gotten themselves a pro se lawsuit from a guy who was tortured in the jail and can’t find a lawyer with nads to take the case here in Waco,  why should they?  Five years to do and just pleading out your client has helped your lucrative practice and no one has noticed?  Right?  Wrong.

You can’t even pay an out of town lawyer ENOUGH to even come here and try a case.

THAT is how corrupt Waco has become and the reputation is rampant while a few of our local boys have just settled for that easy good old boy money.

Three people here have gone to the Sheriff’s department and asked to file charges against the same people for phone harassment and threat.  Three.  Nothing is done and no one asks why.  The Sheriff’s own cousin has received a bribe call,  August 2017,  and now,  because he had at least some evidence took it to the Sheriff’s department March 26, 2018,  and was accused of being insane by his own lawyer last week.

What our elected officials do not understand is “overkill”,  the public understands this when they have to go see their kids and uncles in jail for bullshit some of the time doing time in prison and jail,  while others walk free,  and no politician here will answer any questions much less the tough ones.  No Journalist will ask the tough questions,  and the citizen blogger is subject to ridicule,  except for the fact that the citizen bloggers and their audience outnumber the Trib and actually bring the truth.  Of course,  once you bring out the truth,  with evidence or without,  you are labelled as crazy and if you don’t think so go ask Will Hutson why he filed a Motion that resulted in Richard Mills III having to see a shrink when Hutson,  decided Mills was crazy (after Mills fired him).

There are many people in this city being harassed by phone, have been for months,  Sheriff knows about it yet nothing is done.

The Trib went up on its rates and can’t walk across a few streets to the prosecutor’s office and at least keep asking the questions.  What does it take?  They don’t see that people have had it and the game is over.  Too many people have been hurt.  Government in secrecy needs to end.
I am mad as hell,  I’m not going to take this anymore.





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