Chapter 16

Chapter 16:  The Set Up


Bernadette Feazell has been texted by Felipe Reyna and others for a good while now.  The phone numbers and photos of the texts have been given to law enforcement in person.

Richard Mills has been texted by Felipe Reyna and others for a good while now.  The phone numbers and photos of the texts have been given to law enforcement. in person

Jay Justice has been texted by Felipe Reyna and others for a good while now.  The phone numbers and photos of the texts have been given to law enforcement in person.

If you are one of the nine other people who have been texted and phoned by Felipe Reyna and others,  or bribed,  please contact the Sheriff’s department right away.

If you have decided to send more texts to your victims because you think you are invincible go right ahead you have overplayed your hand and some of your fellow players just got plain stupid and drunk.  You know it.  Trying to crush reputations of the people who have gone to law enforcement won’t stop the fact that Barry Johnson himself got texted.

Harry’s theory here.  A bunch of young,  fun,  drunk people including lawyers had a great time,  maybe did some blow,  felt each other up maybe,  made some funny phone calls on the same contraption used previously to connect clients of certain lawyers who were in a position both reputation wise and financially to pay bribes.  What the hell, right?

Some fool did some research and paid a service,  beginning with Magic Jack, to make little fun unidentifiable from anywhere for a price and thought it’d be cute.  Too many people,  went too far.

What if Richard Mills was the ONLY one that did NOT accept the bribe offer?

What if the Smiths are used to an occasional offspring getting into trouble and after all you know the Jones,  desk drawer probation has never really hurt anyone including many famous Texas politicians including the legendary Bob Bullock.  Second chances,  everyone gets that.  It happens.

Every case is different.

However,  six times,  isn’t understandable,  time after time with the lucky trophy winners of the get out of jail over and over again card is just too much.

Like most great evils,  the corruption in McLennan County suffers from overkill.

Too many folks,  have hurt too many others and enjoyed it just too much while doing it.

Bernadette Feazell was threatened,  in writing by Sherre Johnston.  The comment said,  “I am a very good shot.”  When Feazell explained the circumstances to the  911 operator at the City of Waco,  the 911 operator told her that this,  indeed was a threat and that she,  the operator was sending over a patrol car.

That was January 16th.  now,  it seems that maybe a KWTX anchor named Rissa Shaw got a phone call from the same Sherre Johnston within 45 minutes of getting out of jail this last time and that in the call,  Johnston told Shaw that she,  Johnston,  was a “very good shot,” or not.  Like that year that was “Pam’s Dream” in “DALLAS”,  who the hell even knows anymore.

This Harry does know for sure.  Sherre Johnston took down every single comment she every made on this blog. Surely did,  including the threat.

However,  ALL the comments etc.  were downloaded onto a memory stick and also to a file that was given to the Sheriff’s department two days ago.

How on earth or why is this illusion life so important that anyone can get thrown under the bus just to keep what has to be a laugh only around the menfolk anymore.

Bernadette Feazell was threatened by Mike McNamara’s girlfriend,  who called Parnell first, and the called 911,  plus more,  let’s just agree on this.

That was 2015.  Okay,  probably a wrong decision looking back,  we get it.  What we don’t get,  and, won’t put up with is the incredible changing number of days in jail plus actual charges the woman has,  while the Sheriff acts like nothing happened,  this is normal,  and no one knows.


If you are the last person on the planet who hasn’t heard this epic,  I will of course included one more time below.

Somehow our Sheriff and the woman making the call,  Sherre Johnston,  decided to move the Sheriff’s brother from a motel to a grassy knoll between Walmart and the Longhorn Steakhouse in the most monumental fuck up since two Waco television anchors decided to shack up in Oklahoma only to meet up with a Larry Scott roadblock and a segment of a tv show where their segment was called “Anchors Away”,  McNamara either suggests or allows Sherre Johnston to make the 911 call.


Ignore it.  Ignore it.  Ignore it.

No, that’s not just your marriage,  it’s our county government.

Who or what idiots are phoning and texting people?  Why does it take longer to find out than it does to circulate a rumor that the people who are victims are “crazy” or not credible?

In case you are wondering Bernadette Feazell/Harry Storm went to the Sheriff’s department and pretty much word for word just blurted out the above with the promise of a minute by Ritalin minute regurgitation of the entire conversation on the Harry blog,  so Bernadette Feazell suggested they tape her and happily,  they did.

That was Tuesday,  today is Friday and crazy or not,  people deserves answers and the public deserves to know that something very suspicious is going on.

“The Emperor’s New Clothes”  is a pageant of corruption and business as usual at the Courthouse,  not just with the main active actors but those who are sitting by and letting it go on pretending they do not see what is happening.

Judge Matt Johnson,  lived in Richard Mills’ neighborhood,  recused himself,  now signs an Order for Mills’ mental examination AFTER Judge Crowley held the last Hearing where Mills was present and Crowley was the Judge because Matt Johnson recused.

Where are the names of the men the Sheriff identified from the massage parlor on Washington?  Why can’t anyone get an answer anymore from anyone about anything at the courthouse?

That’s just the way it is?

The intelligence of every person in this county has been insulted.  We have been humiliated all over the world for the biker bullshit that is so forgotten now and pushed on to the lap of Barry Johnson by every nutless gutless member of the Judiciary that has come in contact with it.

How many dollars were spent on Recusal Hearings?

Why does the entire city feel like there is a connection between the massage parlor bust,  the names released, and those not released?

Why isn’t this on the front page of the Waco Trib?  THREE people have gone to the Sheriff’s department all naming at least Felipe Reyna,  plus others,  as using secret,  bought, phone aps to text people.

Favoritism and a great ability to stay in total denial.

Richard Mills reported a bribe to the Sheriff.  His sanity was later questioned by his own lawyer in a legal document signed by the recused Judge.

Wouldn’t the Sheriff have to turn this over to the FBI if indeed there is a Reyna involved?

Yes,  that has been a frequently asked question,  however,  there is a better question yet to be asked in a public outcry that if we do not exhibit now,  we never will,  that question is this:

Why doesn’t or hasn’t our Sheriff Parnell McNamara contacted the FBI about three people coming forward with paid robocalling and allegations of bribery as it is obvious that six months have past and it’s time that agencies get together and actually work together to solve something and make a change.

Why haven’t Sheriff deputies been in contact in person with Billy Hill?  Felipe Reyna?  Others who are implicated in the texting by phone numbers and actual calls?

What is our Sheriff’s priorities?  How many people raid the buffet?  How many people are looking into corruption and threatening texting?

By the way,  the PD had yet another person go to see them and report the texting and messages from March 25th.  guess what happened,  nothing.  Naturally,  like eight others,  have not bothered to go to the Sheriff.

When did we lose the RIGHT TO QUESTION?

What on earth?  Because Richard Mills was brave and questioned and put together a case and then went to see his cousin the Sheriff,  his sanity was questioned by a lawyer that couldn’t defend a client against a .396 blood draw at Hillcrest at 7:20 at night,  plus statements from the Hillcrest staff saying he was sober?  Come on here.

The Sheriff’s department taped Harry/Berni the deputy was just the best and “got it”,  still young enough to really look you in the eye and still has a face that can move in appropriate ways not yet ruined by that lingering love of “image” behind it.

They have taken away the Right to Question as quietly and as systematically as they took away the damned water fountains on 54th.  You just woke up and it was all gone.

Me too.

Being two people is actually pretty neat,  went from myself,  Bernadette Feazell, who actually IS a published author for a cat story,  didn’t self publish.  Take that.

Out of desperation,  constantly being re-pissed, seeing my friends get totally bullied and screwed over by lawyers and the legal system,  plus not being able to talk or write without cursing,  Harry Storm was born.

Did you know that as  human beings we get a sense of Justice at the age of 5?

“A sense of Justice.”

If you have gotten this far,  and I figure enemies read every word,  you are one of 140,000 people who read Harry.  Any story beginning with the words,  “Sherre Johnston”,  usually gets over 5,000 hits a day.  Who knew.

Do I have the answers,  yeah,  probably some of them,  mainly I have questions that I am supposed to be ashamed of or deemed,  “crazy” for asking.

Harry blog doesn’t go on forever,  interferes with Berni becoming a cat woman full time.

When you take away justice you leave people with absolutely nothing.  You slap it to some and just let others go like it’s normal.

We outnumber you because you got so incredibly greedy and,  frankly,  sloppy.

Just getting started.








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