“Chapter 15”




September 28, 2018  “The High Bar of Sanity in Waco”


What does Richard Mills III have in common with the legendary Waco Attorney,  John Faulkner?

They’ve both been Certified as Sane.


Harry figured if 47 years of being someone with power’s cousin couldn’t bring down a crooked lawyer or two,  a phone harassment and threat ring, and some flaky and suspicious stuff going on with bribes and hiding the names of local businessmen caught at a local Rub and Tug Massage Parlor.  At first it was somewhat funny,  now, however,  even Harry doesn’t feel so funny about the “Oh, shit”,  red faces on a couple of guys who Harry actually likes and is not alone on that one.  Most people opted for the stuffed potato after about six months and business went back as usual.

The only thing was the “Who?”,    you figure if these other guys had to suck it up,  who were the others?  As time went by we learned that indeed the Sheriff’s department had actually given the cases to the DA somewhere in about February which kind of made me at least feel badly for thinking the poor deputies were still watching this stuff six months in.

Factor in that the Sheriff’s own cousin received a bribe call from an 000-0000 number and then harassing phone calls which was reported to the SO March 26, 2018.

When last Harry wrote about Richard Mills,  Richard’s own lawyer, whom Richard fired in person,  yet caught Richard at the elevator and told him that he could,  “get the case delayed 180 days.”   Then,  promptly got Judge Matt Johnson to sign an Order for a sanity hearing on Richard,  since this judge had recused himself  from the case,  after all,

Will Hutson is Richard’s lawyer,  in case you wonder what kind of lawyer can’t get a case dismissed with a .396 blood alcohol,  or even try.

However,  when bribery is afoot it’s almost like people just fall in to the empty space left behind,  usually by a former family member,  as is the case with DA Abel Reyna whose dad was the DA until he lost in the Democratic Primary to one Vic Feazell in 1981 at which time,  Felipe Reyna went a little crazy and switched parties along with other angry shenanigans,  just like Abelino.  Sore losers.

Along with being sore losers,  it seems the Reynas hate “happy winners”,  since in 1981 Reyna wrote a hand written,  ON a legal pad,  dirty note to Vic Feazell about his then wife,  Berni Feazell and her strange sexual habits.  Indeed his handwriting was recognized when shown by Feazell to an assistant DA who still lives today and has memory of the incident 40 years ago.

Corruption and Conspiracies are amazing things,  women would overthink it,  overtalk it, have refreshments,  and make a quilt.  It seems the menfolk,  or at this level or corruption,  small pond,  big frogdom stuff,  almost transmit a continuation of corruption without a word.

Like realization of a bad cocaine habit,  it doesn’t become REAL until you buy it, in corruption’s case,  they’re all lawyers they know it takes 3 for RICO,  so they merely transmit a tacit approval and blind eye towards a myriad of victims,  most sons of other friends,  bankers,  lawyers,  etc.

You have familial law enforcement,  second or third generation,  getting second or third generation bribes from big shot daddies whose kids,  or themselves,  wound up succumbing to the hot oil and rubbing massage over on Washington at the Massage Parlor.

This time,  however,  citizens were watching,  and hiding,  oh,  damn well hiding,  organizing against the DA,  remember how surprised he was?  Oh, baby,  none of us were.

They have gotten too big and out of hand,  along with that it is obvious that something is really smelly about the men from the massage parlor.  It’s not just the bad shrimp from the Las Vegas/Ocean Buffet place.  Hey,  what the hell happened to the Health Department,  anyway?  Isn’t anyone protecting folks?

Richard got a clean bill of health from a nice psychologist who was amazed at him being there in the first place.  Since Richard Mills graduated from SMU and Will Hutson’s description of two conversations with Mills were,  less than flattering,  I am sure the man was scratching his head in amazement.

Just another “extra” in the delay movie written and directed by a large group of people who are caught.  Caught.

Evidence is in the lap of Sheriff Parnell McNamara.

Questions about the reason this case has dragged on for six months.  Bribery!  Nothing has happened but Parnell allowing by doing nothing,  the systematic destruction and suspicion of the sanity of the victim of the bribery who said,  “No.”

Richard Mills was bribed in August 2017 on an 000-0000 Magic Jack call.  The voice said,  “Do want your legal problems to go away for $15,000?”

Richard answered,  “Fk,  you.”  Before he could gather his thoughts he blurted out the expletive and hung up the phone.  Then he came and told Harry.  Harry and others have kept records through the entire time.   On March 20th.  the Harry blog asked the public for help,  asked if anyone had been contacted by an 000-0000 number to contact the blog immediately.

Within four hours,  we had proof of a link between the Abel Reyna campaign and the Magic Jack 000 number bribe call to Mills.

The public answered the blog and the conspirators decided to change Magic Jack to Neutral Tandem, yet another pay to pester phone company that promises you secret identity so you can do whatever sneaky bribery shit you feel like for about $39.95.  It’s a device you stick into your computer and fuck with people anonymously,  or,  in this case request a bribe.

Since bankers and gamblers and “good old boys” have frequented the same schools,  the same poker parties,  the same out of town seminars,  male bonding deer hunting and whatever else goes along with testosterone,  Narcissism, good looks,  posing,  love of the camera,  and,  most motivating of all,  the love of being a hero in the eyes of chicks.

Women and lots of folks.  A Narcissist walks into a party with you,  then leaves you on your own while he goes and talks to everyone else.

Like an aging woman,  it’s hard to give that shit up,  case in point,  you knew I had to say it,  Sherre J,  those twenty year affairs go by quickly and wham!  there you are over the hill.  Rough.

Richard Mills took better and more ACTUAL EVIDENCE of bribery to Parnell McNamara than the Feds ever HAD against Vic Feazell.  

In March.  The past months have contained nothing but a chipping away of Richard Mills’ reputation and years of sobriety.  His own lawyer recommends Richard “take the deal” and go to prison when the BLOOD ALCOHOL WAS .396 and the time of evening was 7:20 and there is a statement from the employees of Hillcrest saying Mills did not appear drunk.

Richard Mills was ashamed that he was in trouble.  He didn’t want to tell Parnell McNamara,  his cousin, he didn’t want Parnell to help him either since he was sober and could prove it but seemed to have paid a large amount of money to a lawyer who seemed to suddenly have no fortitude at all and systematically Richard began to believe he should plead just to keep his name out of the newspaper.  Will Hutson brainwashed his client because his client trusted him.

Now,  Hutson, in a desperate attempt to totally discredit his own client,  files a motion trying to say Richard Mills belongs in an institution.

Harry Rant,  look out.

Have you ever tried to get a loved one committed?  Christ,  it’s impossible.  Totally impossible.  Even if you get one in,  they’re likely to get right back out after the State of Texas decides they’re okay.

Uncle Clifton didn’t go to the gawddamned VA until he got hold of the keys to a bulldozer at a construction site across from the Catholic Cemetery in Taylor.  THAT did it.  THAT.

Now,  we have Will Hutson brazenly,  in front of Richard Mills’  cousin the Sheriff,  say that Mills is nuts.

Unfortunately for Hutson,  Harry saw this shit coming a mile away and Richard Mills has never been alone.  He has made his own decisions based on the facts of living a life knowing a man the whole time and basing your decisions on a trust that this man,  an elected official,  one you are embarrassed to tell about your legal problems because you fear HE WILL TRY TO HELP YOU.

Nothing.  Now Richard Mills has been found totally sane for the second time in my lifetime,  the first time being when John Faulkner,  a local attorney,  during the time when Felipe Reyna was DA,  actually had a sanity hearing at the courthouse.

Seems Faulkner,  who was bipolar before it became popular,  had gone nuts about 1981 on a flight coming back from Hawaii,  with a gun.  Hence,  the State of Texas had a Hearing for Faulkner.  Faulkner was declared sane and immediately went back to his office where he served up HEB ice cream topped with what was then,  REAL,  Nyquil.  Everyone got totally bonkers messed up and somewhere thereafter Faulkner shot up a few cars that had mistaken Faulkner’s law office parking lot for the Greyhound terminal.  He was a funny and personable man,  heavens,  John Faulkner was a knock out in a gray suit.

Faulkner was so proud of being found sane,  he would go insane every July and wind up touting the paper that proved it during who knows what kind of wild stuff on Rosewood Street leading to cops and another brief stay at the VA.

Richard,  however,  isn’t proud of being found sane,  he is still reeling from his own lawyer saying he wasn’t,  because he turned down a bribe,  and a cousin,  who just stands by a lets a more than sketchy lawyer try to say Richard’s nuts only to chip away with Richard’s credibility and distract from the incredible EVIDENCE.

When Harry was still  in Taylor,  he had his cousins,  he knew that if anyone messed with him,  his cousins would whoop some ass,  same with Richard Mills.  Richard’s 47 and Parnell’s 72,  related not only through the McNamara side,  but the Johnsons.

The Johnson side includes,  Joe Johnson,  formerly Clerk,  and one very nice guy David Johnson,  who works at the Sheriff’s department in it’s IT department.

So,  David Johnson,  Sheriff’s deputy is related to Parnell McNamara AND Richard Mills.

David Johnson is more Richard Mills’ age than Sheriff Parnell McNamara’s but you can tell these people think the entire world of one another.  Both David Johnson and Richard Mills tear up at the mere mention of Mike McNamara,  they are the real familial deal I certainly wish I would have had.

At least so I thought as I watched Richard Mills suffer for the past six months.

If Richard Mills,  Parnell McNamara’s cousin,  there at the hospital when Mike McNamara died,  was a VICTIM of such an obvious bribery scheme,  and now was being harassed and threatened by the same group of people,  couldn’t get his cousin,  the obviously powerful McNamara,  on the cover of TEXAS FUCKING MONTHLY six times,  then,  certainly the rest of us,  including Harry were screwed.

Bernadette Feazell’s only success at bringing out the truth was when she became Harry Storm after Vic Feazell,  Truman Simons,  and Abel Reyna,  along with one Sherre Johnston,  decided to take away everything because she didn’t believe David Spence did the Lake Murder.

Bernadette Feazell didn’t believe David Spence did the Lake Murder after seeing evidence in June of 2008 that changed her mind.  She confronted Truman Simons,  Sherre Johnston,  and Vic Feazell at that time and was given a choice,  David Spence did the crime,  or they were all,  going to make her miserable and alone.

When Vic Feazell put his own son in jail,  on a FELONY charge,  with the threat of “5 years to do,”  the Abel Reyna mantra for all of us not “Legacy” buddies,  Reyna had to dismiss the case when pushed to trial by just about the worst lawyer ever,  one Robert Stem.

Robert Stem Jr.,  represented Feazell’s son and just kept trying to get Bernadette and her son to go along with “5 years to do.”  If you think Vic Feazell was looking to put his son in a state paid for rehab by this move,  then ask yourself why a lawyer,  especially Vic would turn his own son,  on an over valued Inventory of items taken, on a FELONY when the same effect would have happened if it was a misdemeanor.  A misdemeanor wouldn’t ruin Vic Feazell’s son life FOREVER,  however,  as you know a felony would,  and that’s what Daddy dearest wanted. Abel Reyna’s office had to dismiss the case and Greg Feazell moved away because the story of his arrest hit the newspaper and KWTX,  however, the dismissal did not.

Greg Feazell lives in Mexico,  can’t get in trouble here,  not coming back,  this leaves Harry with the freedom to tell the truth without the threat of having anyone Harry loves go to jail.  There’s just Harry/Bern.

Like most great evils,  Vic,  Truman, Sherre, Abel, and now Sheriff McNamara,  surely Felipe also,  have overplayed their hands.  Too much.  Too much ego,  too much “invincibility,”  so now,  if you come forward,  they have to continue to chip away at you,  they’ve called Bernadette Feazell “crazy” for years,  now,  it’s Richard Mills turn.

Sitting in the waiting room of “County”,  a woman meets a whole lot of other women and hears stories of injustice and suffering from family members emotionally torn with nothing but trouble and lawyers and fines, catching buses and rides to come see those in their family who have gotten caught up in the McLennan County legal system.

Just yesterday,  we find out a man who was in the Jack Harwell was taped to a chair for six hours and if anyone thinks the Hispanic Businesswoman sexually assaulted recently in jail is going to stand for this,  think again.

The first knee jerk reaction among them all is to punish,  fight back,  and destroy.

Being a hero means that much.

Since the Ocean Buffet has opened up,  and the Asian jerk joints are still more plentiful than any decent place to actually eat CHINESE food,  Parnell McNamara will continue to kick in doors and bust whores.  Just like last year,  you’ll get that Legendary Image with the sunglasses and blue jacket that doesn’t fit like it used to,  being all cute saying,  “I don’t speak Mandarin.”

Or we can get a Sheriff’s department that teams up with the FBI and stops corruption.  TOGETHER.  For once.

Why are we wasting money and time on what is obviously TWO INVESTIGATIONS going on separate from one another,  hence,  no one knows anything or shares anything.

This is a chance to stop CORRUPTION.

Are we trading the Reynas,  and others for people who have been victims of phone and message harrassment?  Sure are.

Stay tuned,  we’re just winding up.







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