Chapter 14



“The disappointing thinness of blood.”

Harry went to the Cotton Palace Pageant one time,  that did it,  if you have sat through over 3 of them and just thought about the clothes and girls,  you are one of “them,”  however you still may understand.  For those of you who are blameless in knowing what a Cotton Palace Pageant is,  it’s a virgin worship where rich folks team up their daughters with the “right people”,  in other words,  they meet and marry other folks who have names to think about.  They’re kind of strangely sweet in a way  and name their children “Princess”,  and “Lady”,   for real.  Harry’s parents obviously never loved him  There’s a sort of innocence about them that when you’re old and not innocent anymore you kind of regret losing and that sweetness with still being shocked that your own lawyer and  just sold you out.

Sheriff Parnell McNamara is brother to deceased DA Reyna Investigator,  Mike McNamara and who,  along with Cody Blossman,  please correct Harry if he is wrong,  he’ll gladly admit it,  moved the body of Mike McNamara to a grassy knoll between Walmart and Longhorn Steakhouse,  where Sherre Johnston made the “911 call” from Hell, we all love so much.  Yes, that Sherre Johnston.

Sherre Johnston, who then burglarized Sheriff Parnell McNamara’s shed,  had her house searched,  and once again nothing happened.


Sherre Johnston



Finally on March 26th.,  2018 Richard Mills III took all his evidence,  you have seen a lot of it,  there is more, to Sheriff Parnell McNamara’s office where he met with David Kilcrease,  Parnell McNamara,  his cousin and Sheriff,  and David Johnson,  also Sheriff’s cousin,  brother of Steve from the Rub and Tug,  son of Joe Johnson Clerk,  and IT guy at the Sheriff’s department.

Now,  we have Richard Mills’ own attorney filing a Motion against him and no answers from the Sheriff’s department over phone harrassment and bribes?  Not just Richard Mills has gone to the Sheriff’s department.  Many people have called them.  The case was opened March 26th. 2018.

Parnell McNamara can’t seem to find out who bribed his own cousin and has proof?

This is highly disappointing for Harry.

Harry always thought Sheriff Parnell McNamara was a “peacock”,  a narcissist but you need those,  he’s born into it,  never met the man,  didn’t meet Mike either.  Harry did like Parnell McNamara for a while, though,  while waiting to find out who was messaging and threatening people,  patiently waiting for Cousin Sheriff Parnell to reassure us,  Richard Mills would tell me stories about Parnell and Mike and him when they were all younger and together and “TP” was alive,  and for a while I began to like Parnell,  but now I know I only liked Richard’s version and feel even angrier.

This is a chance for a real Legacy,  a real history,  instead of “kicking down doors and busting whores”,  that Abel keeps letting off why don’t you solve who bribed your own cousin?  Who is texting people?

This began March 26th.




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  1. Lawd Lawd child,,,,, its gonna be the Hatfields and McCoys… there is so much cottuotion Zim kind of feeling sorry for BJ when he gets there . Arent there some more Harerll boys that can ride into town and clean up this mess?

    Barry pmease watch your back child .. you are ebtering into a snake nest!

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