CHAPTER 13


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(Instructions:  Harry is rounding up the characters one by one,  they are all related by fKing or family that hands down the same names generation after generation,  Lacy, Rose, combos of that stuff,  get some post its cut out the photos,  it’s all ONE thing and it is totally corrupt,  hard to follow but it’s going to be worth it)


Never did Harry ever think in his wildest imaginings of the corruption that he’d be forced to out his friend, who got the DWI and the BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) came back a whopping  .396.

This is from a blood draw at Hillcrest Hospital before 9:00 at night.  The medical personel sign statements that Richard Mills III was “normal” in stance and manner etc.  This happened around seven pm.

Whatever other questions you have,  any REAL lawyer will tell you they lost the case at the blood draw,  pure and simple.

Richard Mills III has had THREE DWI’s.  Three in 12 years.

The last one was in 2016,  he is under house arrest,  lives with his parents,  goes to AA all the time,  does not drink,  has been called and bribed, and has been messaged practically daily from more than one person,  one of whom is the father of the person who is prosecuting him,  it is Felipe Reyna father of Abel Reyna.

Abel Reyna.  Abel Reyna was Richard Mills III SECOND DWI LAWYER.  Okay.  Abel’s secretary was Julissa West,  the same Julissa West Abel Reyna fired for not pulling fifty cases of his friends so he could do who knows what with them.


This is why Harry is taking the Ritalin,  if you’re not on it,  then get some post it notes because everyone is the same in all the stories but keeping up with the sons of Dynasty and the offspring and who fits in where with who gets rally tricky now and if you need a test for Alzheimer’s this could be it.


Abel Reyna lives in Richard Mills III house by the Lake.  That the bank took for a loss and sold to Abel via Bill Nesbitt,   one of Abel’s best contributors.

When the Bank was selling Richard Mills III house,  Mr. Bill Nesbitt wrote to Richard and told him that he “didn’t care if the bank lost money”,  he was “selling the house to Abel Reyna.”

The same Abel Reyna that is prosecuting Richard Mills on a .396 BAC.  That lives in the house that Richard used to live in,  that is getting calls from Felipe Reyna.

So Matt Johnson lived next door to Richard Mills’ ex wife’s grandmother by the way, ahd she was told by Halston Reyna,  realtor,  that because the wife’s realtor was out of town a “couple from Houston wanted to see the house,”  when in fact it was Abel and Halston Reyna who wanted to see it.

The day the house was foreclosed on was the day Richard Mills went to jail for six weeks and move out so Abel could move in.  The same Abel Reyna that attended Richard Mills’ wedding by the way.


WILL HUTSON,  attorney at law,  knows this.

THIS is WILL HUTSON who filed a Motion Suggesting Incompetency on a client whose BAC was .396 and has been bribed?  TODAY.  He filed it today.

Will Hutson


Now,  Will Hutson is trying to put Richard Mills III in a “facility.”

Abel Reyna refuses to RECUSE HIMSELF AND HIS OFFICE FROM Richard Mills III case,  he seems to see no conflict of interest and in many of Abel’s family photographs and commercial was from the house that Bill Nesbitt sold and didn’t care that the price was LESS than other offers.

Would that be the same Bill Nesbitt whose son,  Joe Nesbitt we hear got popped at the local Rub and Tug bust ole Parnell did a few months back?


Remember,  Sheriff outed a few names but not ALL of them.  Then we all thought Sheriff was just slow identifying these guys only to find that Sheriff McNamara turned over the names of ALL the men arrested in the Rub and Tugs way back there,  February before the election in March?

In fact,  it’s important to note that Sheriff McNamara outed his own cousin,  Steve Johnson, and fired him.  Uncle Dan got his face on the front page,  but not everyone,  and that still is “pending” somewhere in the dark Dracula Castle of Abel Reyna on Austin Avenue where they’ve got more secrets than anyone.

Unfairness,  inequity, lowered expectations,  people don’t expect much of their lawyers here anymore and there is just no courage in the entire Bar,  they’re lazy and used to being arms of the Defense.

The defense attorneys are “part of it”,  part of a bribery scheme by becoming lazy and tacit and thinking everyone alive is fooled by a .396 BAC.  By not even trying to get Richard’s case thrown out this lawyer,  Will Hutson has indeed committed malpractice and now,  to cover himself and his friends,  we are led to think that Will Hutson is part of “it”,  whatever the hell it is.

Will Hutson sold out his client and got a Judge that was also supposed to be recused,  in fact at last Friday’s HEARING Will Hutson and Richard went before a retired Judge because MATT JOHNSON HAD RECUSED.  However,  now Matt Johnson,  who also lived around the corner from Richard Mills’s house  NOW ABEL Reyna’s, has signed an order to evaluate Richard Mills III sanity.

Harry happily picked up the phone around lunchtime today,  and called Will Hutson,  he got no answer but he left a message,  much like this one.


Will Hutson,  Richard Mills III was indeed bribed by an 000-0000 number,  he has also been getting calls and dirty pictures from Retired Justice Felipe Reyna,  so have I.  I will go to the Sheriff’s department tomorrow and turn them in and if you have a Hearing about Richard I’d appreciate knowing about it so I could tell ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE WHO HAVE GOTTEN MESSAGES,  at least one time since March 25th. from secret numbers.

This is because they figured out WE HAD THEM with the 000-0000 number,  see,  remember on March 20th.  we reached out to the public to see if anyone had gotten a call from an 000-0000 number?  We had that call naming the Abel Reyna campaign.

THAT is real evidence.

On March 26th.  2018,  Richard Mills III took all his information,  a file that for the sake of duplicity, a copy had been also kept and maintained by Kevin Fisk,  the private detective who worked for Jake Carrizal,  who was fired by John Johnston after he (Fisk) called a fire a “murder”,  and Johnston sided with the police and called it “accidental”  (Ashley Dawn Rogers).

John Johnston sided with the PD on the Ashley Dawn Rogers fire against his own Fire and Arson Investigator.  Why?

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Yes,  the same John Johnston who is getting a divorce from Sherre Johnston who got SIX DWI’s,  burglarized the Sheriff’s shed,  moved the Sheriff’s brother with him,  made the 911 call,  and got out of jail free again just last week.

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This is Sherre Johnston,  soon to be the ex wife of John Johnston, above,  Sherre Johnston lives in Lorena, Texas within walking distance of her friend,  Felipe Reyna,  father of Abel Reyna.

Who goes to jail,  who does not?  Who stays in,  who does not?  Who is getting special treatment and who is just getting rat-ked?  The bikers,  a lot of other people,  and one Richard Mills III.  It’s a slow death where only an out of town lawyer with a pair of nads can get you out of imaginary trouble?

Sure as hell isn’t going to be Will Hustson.  Will Hutson won’t even fight for a client whose BAC was .396.  Get real.  A client who has been bribed.

Why doesn’t Will Hutson believe Richard Mills III has been bribed,  he’s seen the evidence as has Harry,  and happily,  YOU.



Yes,  the same Matt Johnson who was recused last week and Richard saw the visiting Judge now suddenly,  HE IS signing off on this.

See the Motion Suggesting INCOMPETENCY

Richard Sanity Motion




  1. Like dead and on fire. It’s impossible. It’s laughable, the prosecution cannot win this case at trial and THIS lawyer wants Richard to plead and since he will not, the lawyer has decided to discredit Richard by saying that RICHARD is not thinking clearly. Hello? This is such a travesty it screams. Thanks George for reading. Even I can’t believe it.

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