September 1, 2018

“Sherre has been cleared of any wrongdoing,  WPD does not have an APB OUT.”


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Everything you’ve written is incorrect. Sherre doesn’t read this, but occasionally I do. You keep adding on more DWI’s everytime you write about her. I guess for sensasionalism. She has two dwi convictions, has served her sentence, and has moved on. It’s over.
She has been cleared of any so called “threats” that she didn’t make in the first place. She never called anyone. It’s obvious why Rissa Shaw called her good buddy, Parnell about it. It was looked into, and Sherre has been cleared of any wrongdoing. Wpd does not have an APB out. That’s funny, and stupid.


Dear Terry,

Thinking that Sherre calling threatening Rissa Shaw was an offense is obviously stupid.  Thank you for pointing out to me that it’s funny and stupid.  Obviously,  I was only thinking about myself and what would happen if I threatened anyone.


I got my DWI information from two places, one,   the DPS where I paid a buck to get her record,  you can too.  When my scanner is fixed I’ll stick it up here until then if you care so much pay your own buck.


The next place I got my information was KWTX and Rissa Shaw,  perhaps you didn’t see it.  Here it is.


Next is the poster from KWTX that says APB.  Okay,  you win,  she’s not WANTED,  she’s just not allowed on KWTX property, perhaps this is a joke.  You were right,  I merely thought about what would happen to me if I called and threatened Rissa Shaw.  Sure,  I’d be banned from the property on a telephone poll poster.  Right?

So you’re right,  guess she’s been cleared.  Since we have government in secrecy and no one accountable you might as well be right about everything.

I think if I called Rissa Shaw and threatened her,  I’d be in jail.

I think if I had more than one (does that satisfy you?) DWI I’d be in jail.  sorry.

I think if I had burglarized the Sheriff’s shed I’dve gotten something besides the canteens.

What you don’t seem to understand is that I do not care if I am “right.”

I have readers,  a lot more readers than Woodway Baptist has Baptists.  I don’t assume everyone is stupid.  You do.  So do our elected officials.

Sherre is just the face of the “obviously special”,  don’t you see that?

Because she’s the assistant Fire Chief’s wife?

Because she’s hot and cute?

Because she’s shacked up with the right folks?

I don’t know.

She is also accruing charges and they are being hidden so quickly,  who the hell do you think can actually get it right?  Judge Vik didn’t even seem to know about the GEORGETOWN charges.


Okay, I’m wrong,  I can’t keep up,  I admit it,  please send me your paperwork etc. and I will happily print it right here.

My mind can be changed by evidence.


Until you send proof,  your comments are moot.



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