Well, she’s on FACEBOOK saying she didn’t ever do drugs in her entire life, it’s not what you had up there, it’s THAT you had it up there. You are 51 and we all think you “cooched”. Heart medicine, sure honey.

I'm Mad Too, Harry.

           April 7, 2018 Jail list from Johnson to Joiner,  no Sherre J

Rumor,  strictly rumor has it that Sherre didn’t want to go to jail so she told the Judge she was having surgery or was ill and needed “six weeks off”,   Judge Vik who we have already pegged as either a crook or a dumbass or combo of both AND,  is running unopposed this year,   signed off on this bullsh#t.  Rumor,  however is backed up by yet another missed weekend in the local lock up.  Nope, again.

My son went to jail,  JAIL,  yep,  jail for FOUR months.  FOUR.  It was inconvenient at the very least,  he didn’t like it but he went.  The charges were later dropped by Abelino but the harm still lingers,  ask Google.  I am not alone.

Sherre Johnston,  wife of our Assistant Fire Chief says she’s never received any…

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