Look,  dumbass,  it’s not WHAT you had up there, it’s that you cooched it.  See it’s funny because you’re so Jeezused up and holy,  the hypocrisy is why we’re laughing.   We all have cooched (haven’t we?)  but you just think you’re too good to do it,  and obviously,  you did.   

We now have an update from “George” another Lake Murder Nut,  thank goodness.


She’s on the McLennan County inmate listing, yet she’s posting on her Facebook that she’s never used drugs, her medicine was for a heart condition, it’s obvious what is going on and it will be addressed!??? She doesn’t mention being over the legal limit for alcohol…..they certainly are lenient in this jail.

Sherre Johnston skydiving in May,  now saying she was taking heart medicine, you little devil.


In case you missed the night KWTX broke this story,  click below



  1. FB in jail !! Yer haw! Heart problem as she jumps from “DA PLANE”

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  2. omg so she got caught with medicine shoved up her hoo-hah. Did it fall out while she was walking. Omgosh! lol

  3. I don’t know, Channel 10 says they found it when they were watching her change clothes, what does that tell you? If it was “heart medicine”, is everyone including the poor jailers out to get her? “Denial” in epic form. Go see the Channel 10 it’s a doozie, worse than poor Harry.

  4. You simply cannot make this shit up. That “this shit is true” is absolutely amazing even to me and I live here in the “belly of the beast,” I can’t wait to see what happens next. Who the hell knew?

  5. Her Facebook is now gone (except for an old one with her name spelled Sheree Johnston, that has nothing on it)….found her mugshot from Feb 2015 though. It also has her named spelled “Sheree”…I guess she was carrying her heart medication not in the bottle. Which wouldn’t be that big a deal, except also driving while intoxicated and unlawfully carrying a weapon.

    1. The case of the disappearing Williamson County DWI’s. Yep. Wonder who made those go away after moving them from Williamson to McLennan Counties? Look out, paper trail coming their way. Tick tock.

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