SHERRE JOHNSTON: In her own words Email June 27, 2002 in defense of Tru

Sherre was in the room when Vic Feazell told Truman Simons to get the bloody evidence BACK from the lab in Ft. Worth, here’s the email from HER. Yep, she worked for Vic, he hired her so she could be near Truman Simons. Idiots.

I'm Mad Too, Harry.

Patricia Eddings:  Head of Tarrant County Forensics
David Chapman:  Special Prosecutor of Muneer Deeb in Ft. Worth
Fredric Dannen:  New York writer
Bernadette Feazell:  Ex wife of Vic Feazell
Sherre Johnston:  Secretary to Vic Feazell and Truman Simons’ girlfriend
Truman Simons:  Lake Murder investigator,  worked for Feazell at this time
Patricia Eddings has called Fredric Dannen and told him that David Chapman says
“Truman Simons and Vic Feazell want me to get the evidence back from your lab.”
Bernadette Feazell was in the car with Dannen when Eddings called.  Berni,  thinking that Truman was doing this on his own called Vic Feazell immediately and told him that trying to take the evidence from the lab was insane and that Vic should fire Truman immediately for trying it.
Vic tells his ex wife that he doesn’t believe Truman would do that and it’s the first he’s heard of it.

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