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        What the hell?

You’re here from China,  you’re sixteen,  you think,  aaaah,  Texas,  SIX FLAGS,  home cooking, the zoo.  Wrong.  Instead you get fondled by a creepy Terry Staton from Lorena, Texas,  then have your breast munched on by yet a creepy poser from Lott,  a former teacher to be exact.

If a picture is worth a thousand words,  let’s take a look at Terry Staton.  CHRISTONACUPCAKE.   Here is a paragraph from the Trib this morning.

Staton tried to touch the woman’s genitals as she pulled away and resisted him, the affidavit states. He continued to make sexual contact until she was able to kick herself away, according to the affidavit.

Seems Terry has gone from rather a bad Harvey Weinstein look alike in the black and white photo to just about the scariest “Bad Santa”  we’ve ever seen.   Billy Bob Thornton ain’t got sh*t on Terry Staton.

Image result for Bad Santa


Terry Staton,  AFTER photo at the jail

Terry Sebastian Staton


Terry Staton,  in black and white photo from Rub and Tug

Suspect 1


Jared James,  age 32,  former teacher in Lott

Jared L. James

Jared James, before photo at Rub and Tug

Suspect 3

Are they putting NUTS in the drinking water?  What the hell is going on here,  and we have 400 MORE of these creeps?

On a happier note,  there seems to be an upsurge in DIVORCE filings and Family lawyers in Waco and other cities are predicting a better than average year.

Sorry,  my flesh is crawling looking at these guys.



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