Tinkerbell,  formerly happy go lucky,  now totally icked out by this one

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What the hell?  Okay,  we’ve gone through weeks of Zang and four hundred idiots being masturbated by sixteen year olds,  at least THREE Rub and Tug parlors in Waco,  now we find out this guy,  TWENTY FIVE YEARS OLD,  is “in” to 4 year old girls,  and made this poor thing do all manner of things to him.  FOUR YEAR OLD GIRL.

Hold on,  I’m heaving.  FOUR YEAR OLD GIRL.   

“Do you remember that sound that come out of her?” Tuggle asked. “That quiet wail that came from that 7-year-old? She had to come in here and tell 12 strangers what that man did to her. That sound. I’ll never forget it. That was the sound of a child’s heart breaking. That was the sound of a child’s innocence being stolen from her.”

The girl reported the abuse to her grandmother in February 2015 after she and her grandmother watched a “Tinker Bell” movie. The girl told her grandmother she was going to marry when she turned 5. Her grandmother told her she would still be a baby at 5, but the girl persisted, blurting out what Machina made her do.

She is 7 now and has testified about this in Court having to look at this absolute pervert monster and get cross examined by a lawyer.


Let’s take a minute for that one to sink in,  before continuing.


In punishment testimony Friday afternoon, Machina’s mother became angry and combative, and the judge threatened to jail her if she did not calm down.

After court adjourned Thursday afternoon, members of Machina’s family confronted the victim’s family in the courthouse parking lot. A loud argument ensued, and courthouse deputies had to separate the sides and tell them to leave. After they left the courthouse, the families ended up on the same street on the way to their homes and continued to confront one another. The victim’s family filed a report with Waco police, who are investigating the incident.


We have smart phones,  GPS,  trackers,  silencers, and satellites,  perhaps it’s time for someone to invent a CREEP METER.

Said Creep Meter could be installed in a baby sitting ap,  face it,  if someone has just a wee bit too much interest in your little cutie,  they just may have plans to introduce your little cutie to their little cutie.

If they take too much interest in children,  there’s probably some unsavory reason.

Buy yourself a teddy bear with full camera capabilities,  carry it everywhere.  Body cam the kids.  What the hell is going on here?

You also know numb nuts Mr. Machina ain’t going to make it two years in TDC when word of his crime gets out,  and it will.

This fool,  Mr. Machine here,  worked at a funeral home too.  Creep overload time,  may have to day drink.





Anthony Paul Machina


    1. I thought about this case over the weekend before reading your comment here. Wow, this is really bad, I wondered if Paul had taken a lie detector. Sometimes people don’t take them and they should, it’s only a tool and inadmissible in Court, however, if one is innocent the lie detector can be very good. I feel very sorry for everyone involved. One must keep away from children these days, sorry, it is the truth. I am sure people went wild and witnesses were or could have been intimidated. This type of alleged crime, now affirmed by a jury inflames people beyond belief. I am so happy not to be judge or jury on anything like this.

      1. If you would like to get the full story, contact me. Kat.schlumpf at Gmail. I would be happy to talk to someone who wants to report the truth.

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