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Former Sheriff Larry Lynch,  the voice of Sanity in McLennan CountyS
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You knew Harry had an old Davidian story up his sleeve.  BEFORE the Davidian Stand off,  there was another one,  ‘SHOOTOUT AT ELM MOTT’,  this is a very loosely based story on that event.

Some names have been changed,  some have not.  Larry Lynch’s name hasn’t been because Harry thinks Larry Lynch ROCKS IT.

If you like the following paragraphs,  click on the blue link,  it’s 32 pages of vintage Harry.

One-armed Annie by Harry Storm
Part 1
It was a quiet evening at the Waco Sheriff’s Department. Most of the employees
had gone home early for a change, and as the full moon broke over the horizon, the
switchboard was strangely quiet. Larry Lynch, a big man with a pleasant face and almost
perpetual half smile, was getting caught up on his paperwork when Lisa, the lone
dispatcher on duty, came in with a bemused expression.
“There’s a call for the Sheriff on the line and I told them he wasn’t here, so
they’re asking for you.”
“I knew this was too good to last,” he smiled. “Who is it?”
“It’s Vernon over at Elm Mott. Seems they’re having problems with George
again,” she replied.
“I sure hope it’s nothing that will ruin his chances for the presidency,” he
chuckled, leaning over and pressing the blinking button on the phone.
“Hey Vernon, it’s Larry, whacha got goin’ on out there?”
“Larry,” replied a soft voice. “George has really gone off the deep end again, and
I’m worried. He’s challenged me to a contest, Larry, a contest to raise the dead.


George Roden
Image result for George Roden Branch Davidians
George Roden, was a leader of the Branch Davidian sect, a Seventh-day Adventist splinter group, and the former husband of Amo Bishop Roden. In 1987, he was evicted from the Mount Carmel Center near Waco, Texas by his rival David Koresh. Wikipedia
BornJanuary 17, 1938, Gregg County, Texas, TX
DiedDecember 6, 1998, Big Spring, TX
Lois Roden was George Roden's mother.
Lois Roden
Benjamin Roden was George Roden's father.
Benjamin Roden
Victor Houteff
Victor Houteff
David Koresh
David Koresh


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