What goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas?

” Hey,  John,  she told me”    -Harry


Well,  it would appear Sherre Johnston has forgotten 1994-2002 when she and Harry were close,   hell,   close enough to where Sherre wrote,  “I was in the room when Vic told Truman to get the evidence back”  from the Tarrant County Forensics Lab in 2002. Sherre also had a concern; stemming from a Fireman’s Convention in Las Vegas where someone got a little frisky with “her” fireman.  Sherre, not foreseeing a time when confidentiality would be justifiably broken, told Harry she was conflicted about John’s true sexuality; soon following him personally confessing to her that he had allowed (what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas-unless you tell on yourself) an unorthodox method of cleaning one’s genitalia by a member of the same sex. Guess the City of Waco was too cheap to spring for private rooms or hotels with hot water.

John has been the mystery man of all of this for years.  Christian?  Dumbass?  Cuckold?  Do we feel sorry for him?  Admire him?  Hold him up as a Example of suffering and ridicule?  He certainly turns the other cheek and a blind eye quite well. He certainly gave the keys to the Fire Department to the City Attorney’s Office; refusing to make a single decision without their approval. Of course,  there are those pesky other things he’s done that show he’s just a minion following the desires of his lovely bride in all (who) that she has did, done, or wanted to do. Harry has enough faith in society to believe their are folks who wouldn’t touch that with (fill in your own blank here) skin shank or boloney  pony.

John’s no sweetheart,  look what he did to his BEST INVESTIGATOR?  Remember the one who was haunted by the case where THREE people died?  The cops,  namely SGT PATRICK SWANTON said the “case is closed”,  however,   Fisk refused to sign off on what the WPD wanted: “closed as “Accidental”; instead working on it both on and off duty.

The day following WPD’s announcment “Case closed”, John Johnston corners Fisk telling him to “Keep up the good work…This is gonna make the Fire Department look good.” And though most employers would see this kind of effort as dedication, John Johnston through, through his yes-man Kevin Vranich reprimanded Fisk for working off the clock! How’s that for being a hard worker!

Fisk was once (pre Oct-2014) a constant sight at  the DA’s Office, mainly due to his constant submissions of solid arson cases for prosecution. He was also a constant recipient of certificates of merit and accolades from the PD and PD alike. Fisk even shared allegations of misconduct regarding Abel Reyna with John Johnston; unaware that John’s wife Sherre, considered him her best friend. (SEE POLICE REPORT)

Citizens seriously need to inquire as to the current “arson” case closure rate for the Waco Fire Department; as well as the number of cases even being turned in to the DA’s office for prosecution.  Since October, 2014, (When Fisk was on-paper refused from investigating criminal cases) DA’s Office, currently, can only speak of “3 or 4” arson cases being submitted to them from Fisk’s replacement(s) from the Waco Fire Marshal’s Office.  Harry knows one of those cases was so pitiful, it was outright refused.

Fisk was once very successful in keeping Harry and the other Waco citizens safe; even once having to defend his priorities of working an arson/capital murder (ending the lives of 3 people), INSTEAD of John Johnston and Kevin Vranich’s  desire that he put all his efforts into investigating vacant house fires (in which many other fire investigators refused to rule incendiary instead called them “undetermined’) “Since when do vacant houses burning trump the lives of three people?

Citizens of Waco should seriously inquire into their “fire” safety when in comes to arsonists living in their midst. Fisk was known as a hard-nosed, by-the-book bulldog investigator who treated people right regardless who they were. He was a detective who always sought the truth, and fought endlessly for victims’ justice in his cases; not notches on an “arrest” stick. Well…That was up until the DAY AFTER he spoke to Internal Affairs!

Immediately following Fisk’s “self-initiated” report of officer misconduct providing evidence to back it up. Enter SGT PATRICK SWANTON, who accompanied Internal Affairs Sgt Tim Lawdermilk . Everyone remember Swanton, the PD Public MIS-Information Officer at Twin Peak’s who later ran an unsuccessful campaign for Sheriff-on platform of police reform and getting rid of crooked cops. Yep…Swanton just happened to be one of the recipients of Fisk’s information.

If anyone believes Fisk didn’t make his own recording of this little IA meeting, they would be sorely mistaken. Heck, Harry believes Fisk has duplicate copies of what he gave Swanton and Lawdermilk, distributed all over the country. Harry would! Wouldn’t you???

Fisk, requesting said meeting the friday before, proceeded to meet with WPD Internal Affairs fully expecting the outcome we know see. So, once a meeting time was set on Sept 30 (Tuesday), Chief Stroman ordered Johnston and his “Yes-Man”, Kevin Vranich to his office. At the meeting Asst. Chief Robert Lanning has been quoted as saying, “This doesnt sound like the Kevin Fisk I know!” Yes-Man Vranich even like to make himself feel better by claiming Asst Chief Brett Crook of Woodway was the cause of this situation; suggesting he had been stirring up the PD.

And you should also ask, “Who else did Yes-Men Johnston and Vranich go see??? Well, how about City Legal (they made all the decisions for John) and City Risk Management (who reportedly told them “This isn’t a workers compensation issue” and to leave their office).

Sure enough, Fisk is sent to City Employee Health the following day; for exhibiting signs/symptoms of “Critial Incident Stress.” Funny this is, the FD has a SOP labeled “Critical Incident Stress Debriefing” which dictates interviews to limit effects of PTSD are to occur between 12 -48 hours following a traumatic incident. And Harry asks that someone show him where in the DISM Manual is there a condition termed “Critical Incident Stress”.

Harry poses the question: Did John do this to silence Kevin Fisk,  acting as Quid Pro Quo for PD doing him the political favor of covering up his and his wifes assault on Cameron Thompson? Wouldnt a family violence charge cause John to lose his Peace Officer License?

Anyone with a registerable IQ could read that report and see the aggravated assault was a cover-up. Heck, the PD failed to mention John kidnapping his daughter earlier that day, Sherre assaulting her with a wine bottle after john got her home, AND THEN, after their daughter left for her own residence, JOHN AND SHERRE made the willful decision to take a serrated kitchen knife and go to ther daughters apartment. What kind of parent WOULDNT expect their daughter to seek consoling from someone close to them after their mother disowned them?

WHY YOU THINK THE JOHNSTON WERE ARGUING WITH THEIR DAUGHTER?   Guess the Johnstons didn’t plan on a concerned citizen calling 911; reporting and describing Sherre packing the knife, and then calling 911 AGAIN when she and John were accosting Cameron in his pickup.

Thank goodness John called 911 to report Cameron refusing to leave their daughters apartment; otherwise we would have never had the other two officers show up and tell part of “THE REST OF THE STORY”.

So, John Johnston, why do you not “stand by your beloved wife of so many years” while she stands accused at the court house.  Did you share a cup of coffee with Truman before they left your house.  What about that letter announcing you were demoting yourself to a position that didn’t yet exist. Didn’t that new position give you Civil Service Protection. I think you already proved, with Fisk, that protection ain’t all its cracked up to be!



Kevin Vranick,  real #1 Grade A ass kisser,  throws anyone to the wolves for Big John.  Everyone expendable but that non existent Christian Repubation as a couple for John and Sherre.

Image result for Kenneth Vranick, Waco, Texas


Yes Man #5,  screwed people over to help protect John protect Sherre,  everyone is expendable except her.  Even after Fisk was gone,  they asked him for help over and over again.

Somehow Vranich was absent (at a minimum “absent minded”) from police academy the day they taught murder investigations couldn’t just be arbitrarily closed because they are unpopular!  For..this day IMMEDIATELY following this little meeting with SWANTON, Fire Marshal Kevin Vranich,  who had repeatedly been unsuccessful at getting Fisk to (unlawfully) “CLOSE” his Arson/Capital Murder Investigation, got the unlawful authority to close Fisk down; trying (again unsuccesfully) to get him to fill out a workers comp injury form for an injury Fisk wasn’t claiming. (Remember the little visit Johnston and Vranich paid to Risk Mgt)

Fisk succesfully fought the “stacked-deck” Pychological fit-for-duty evaluation, and after proving he was without mental/psychological defect, the city was ordered to fully reinstate him.  Kevin Vranich, now acting under direction of a new chief (who also seems to have handed over FD keys),  instead of reinstating Fisk as ordered, placed him in an a windowless office with orders not to speak to any fireman that came out to the training center, and instructed him to produce an inspector class; which was cancelled once Fisk retired. Even more interesting, is how Vranich, saying Fisk’s position no longer required Law Enforcement certification, submitted paperwork terminating his police commission. Citizens should now ask why, following Fisk’s retirement, the firefighter receiving his vacated position, is now in police academy.



What goes on in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas



You destroyed people trying to “keep up appearances” like the Emperor’s New Clothes, everyone sees right through you.

You’ve ripped your ass with me.







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