For some wild west reason,  Sherre Johnston is complaining that no one wanted to look her in the eye yesterday.  Incessantly winking and looking at Harry and the others in the gallery,  the constant winking and trying to get eye attention was just a little too much and over the top.  Especially since we have written the FBI about Truman Simons and Vic Feazell in the Richard Bowers murder case.  Sherre was right up there in 2002 trying to get evidence back from a Tarrant County lab.

Sherre says,  she always carries a gun.  Really?  Unlicensed?  Great.  We don’t find that comforting.

It is well known you don’t take pictures in the Courtroom but little Sherre did that too because she has Truman and all the men protecting her.  She snapped a pic of Kevin Fisk just as he put up his hand to block the shot.  WE didn’t do that,  we know better,  then, this uncontrollable bitch wants to look people in the eye?

We thought when you pled guilty you were supposed to be sorry.  Sorry for driving while drunk three times with a gun.  She was anything but sorry.

She has also threatened Harry with a lawsuit.   Yum.  Let’s take Simons deposition and ask about the shredding of Gilbert’s truck but,  why bother,  Simons lies in deposition and any lawyer hiring him is a fool if they don’t google him.

Poor man in love Simons doesn’t know way way to hop.  Mostly he just sat there with his head hung low,  purple pissed off,  with her purse in his lap because it’s obvious the old thing has no dick when it comes to this woman.  Pretending to be her “Investigator”,  HA!

Aging is hard on a Hero,  the girls don’t like the old Simons as well as the young one who could impress little girls,  or threaten them.

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Truman Simons

Sue me you asshole,  I’ll take your deposition and the first question is about shredding Gilbert’s truck,  second is Richard Bowers,  sue me,  I’ll have subpoena power.  My Best Buddy for 25 years,  Truman Simons,  poor old thing thinks he’s 20 again or maybe sex with the WIFE of another man makes him feel that way.

These are Christians here in Waco.  Right?



  1. Kicking ASSES and taking names B, you are TOOOOO COOOL, and not scared. Fu#k Them Allll.

    1. Yep, I was their buddy, UNTIL I said I had doubts Spence did the crime, then they began to systematically fuck me. THIS was 2002, I told them when they gave me “the choice”, Spence did it or be alone, I couldn’t believe it, but THAT pissed me off too so I told them I was going to fuck them up for the rest of time, that, to me, Sherre Vic Feazell and Truman are the SAME PERSON. I fucking meant it, they were cruel to my son who was THERE when Vic FIRED SHERRE via another attorney on the phone. Vic hired her because Truman has so much on him. THEY are incredibly evil and think no one sees them. Old people, go figure?

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