Next time,  lose the gum, bitch

While you are making that long drive on the Greyhound bus to see your loved one at the Polunsky Unit or wherever in our prison system,  think about a woman in Waco, Texas with 2 counts of DWI,  1 Count DWI with a bac over .15,  Failure to ID,  Unlawfully carrying a weapon (gun),  and getting 180 days on each to run concurrently.  

Yes,  she knew she had it too,  came all dressed up in a multicolored skirt,  jacket, and cute little black ankle boots,  chewing gum up a storm.  As she stood in front of the nice Judge with the “bad scrabble hand” name,  she was a smackin’ like crazy.  She kept looking at us and waving and finally said,  “I hope you got what you came for”,  whatever that meant.  Guess that mean for us all to see that she was right,  next to NOTHING will happen to her.  “Mitigating circumstances”.  Yep,  dead Marshall/FBI informant/DA investigator with phone,  Sheriff Big Mc himself who knows what went on there if you needed anything more than the 9ll  tape.

Plus her email admitting she called Sheriff Parnell McNamara BEFORE calling 911 for his dying brother.

This woman has more on these old fellahs than any of us can imagine.

I,  personally,  hope she gets what she deserves.  Since my girlfriend is looking at FIVE YEARS IN PRISON FOR HIS THIRD DWI IN TWELVE YEARS,  I am sensitive about it.  She never carried a gun either.

Well, little Sherre said it and it came true,  “Abel Reyna is my friend and   nothing   will happen to me”.  Sure enough.

Amazingly,  her own attorney,  Ray Black didn’t seem to mind his client showing up with her Lover and Lapdog,  Truman Simons,  guess he thought Truman still had a career after lying in deposition.  Hmmm.  No,  he just drives the Assistant Fire Chief’s wife around.   Below is the link to the deposition.  He lies about his love affair with Sherre,  then he gets caught because his AND Sherre’s employer at the time Vic Feazell dropped Truman in the grease so this is the SECOND deposition where Truman has to clean up and out and out lie.  See,  Truman blamed Brian Pardo for his “Loss of consortium” with his wife,  Judy.  In other words it was Pardo’s article about Spence that caused Judy to not want to sleep with Truman.  Since he was sleeping with Sherre,  AND got Vic Feazell to give her a job so he could see her every day,  we have problems with him.  You’ll laugh your ass off at this deposition.   Honey,  this is an old man.  Needless to say,  this lawsuit got thrown OUT of court,  however,  Vic continued to pay Sherre AND Truman until Truman got mad and left and Vic finally fired Sherre a few years back.

The Judge will sentence her on January 4th.  Harry has written on his FACEBOOK page and asked him to reconsider this sentence,  we hope you do also.  This is wrong.  Living proof everything they say about Reyna and the DA’s office is true.

Truman Simons lied in a deposition,  lied in Pleadings against Pardo,  said his wife and he were having problems because of an article in a magazine saying Spence didn’t do the crime,  guess he forgot he was having and still is having a love affair with Sherre Johnston,  this affair has spanned twenty years.  He angrily,  and doggedly accompanies her because her license is suspended and she can’t drive.  THIS is the old hero lawman and his last one left adoring no matter what girlfriend that loves those badges and everyone knows it.  Sherre is protected,  she is the epitome of the rumors about Abel Reyna.  She bragged about it and she threw it in Harry’s face today,  what she doesn’t seem to realize is she threw it in yours too.

Guardian Angel Slave to love drops Sherre off every day and picks that sweet ass up in the a.m.

Truman Simons
“Abel Reyna is my BEST friend and nothing will happen to me”,  she knew it and threw it.

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Hide your husband, however,  come alone.  Ask Duane.


She laughs without “fear of the future”  because she know what’s she’s got on them.

She also knew about Mike McNamara’s phone that he had for that nice FBI guy too,  Jarrett and Dillon weren’t the only ones.  Anybody notice that Subpoena for Susan Istre?

THIS is everything Abel is accused of.




  1. This is the funniest stuff I’ve ever read and every single thing is true!!!!!!! Thank you whoever you are 😘

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