Who am I supposed to be scared of at the Courthouse during the Biker Trial?

I am more afraid of law enforcement here than the bikers.  Sorry,  I am.

I am more afraid and disheartened by the secrecy and “good old boys” system than I am the bikers.

This is not the first time gun ho law enforcement decided to converge on a gunned up “church group”,  or “cult”,  depending on who you believe.

How can we forget the Davidians?  You just did it again?

Now Clint Broden,  attorney for biker Matthew Allen Clendennen has filed a Motion to Reveal the Identity of Confidential Informants and Undercover Law Enforcement Officials.

Since you’re going to trial,  this should have been given to the defense a long time ago.

You,  whomever the “YOU” of “They” are,  you are flying by the seat of your pants trying to cover up the screw up you did again.  You’re trying to pretend that you’re protecting us from some entity known only unto YOU (law enforcement on and on).

We can’t handle the truth.  You are protecting us from ourselves.

YOU thought this was going to have another outcome and now you’ve created an atmosphere of fear where you get to spend a lot of money protecting US from what you created and are covering up for our own good.

I am so insulted by this entire epic situation.  The same people who DID this are now trying to make us think they’re making us safe.

Wacoans know better,  I feel it.  We are not stupid.

Time to get mad, folks.

Harry is.

Dropbox from RADIO LEGENDARY and the Legendary Jim Parks of the MOTION

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