Kevin Fisk, Investigator,  Casie Gotro Attorney and Jacob Carrizal  at Waco Courthouse

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Harry has had a big lapse in faith ever since his priest cousin,  “Nellie” Father Bob tap- danced out of a Vatican hot tub declaring his hidden homosexuality a few months back during a GOOGLE search to see what the cousin had been up to.  The whole thing hit  his “Hell, no” spot and he’s still not over it but then, he met Kevin Fisk, Investigator for attorney Casie Gotro and Biker Jacob Carrizal.  Kevin Fisk has been coaxing Harry out of being the “last puppy in the cage”,   without a soul or faith.  On vacation and empty at the very least.  The absence of those who “walk it”,  not just “talk it”,  has left Harry in shambles.  Probably you too.  Kevin’s the real thing,  you feel like your brother just opened the gymnasium door and is there to kick everyone’s ass that ever picked on you.  Plain good.

I trust this guy.  

I want to know what happened at TWIN PEAKS.  I’m open and want the truth.  I want  to have a level playing field,  not the good old boys usual.  I am pulling for them and just can’t help it.   I feel like you are too.

Kevin says the following about himself and Harry can’t do any better or argue.


Former law enforcement/Investigator – “Honorably Retired-Still Serving”

Having expertise in Arson/Fire investigation, and having vast experience in detection/documentation of official misconduct and/or government corruption; Fisk Investigations offers a variety of Private Investigation services; specializing in legal support related to Fire/Arson Investigations; as well as Criminal Prosecution Deconstruction. Other services offered include but are not limited to, infidelity, fraud, child custody, and surveillance-involved investigations.

While I strive to conduct my professional duties in a manner pleasing to both my Heavenly Father, I seek to maintain a sense of humanity and humility as I uphold the values and morals of my upbringing. In both my private and professional life; I hope to set an example of integrity I’d wish for my children to follow.

In the words of Isaiah 1:17, I further strive to “Learn to do right, seek justice, defend the fatherless, and plead the case of the widow.”

Look out Tuesday!

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