We stand for Justice and an “equal playing field”,  for all.  We have no idea what on earth happened at TWIN PEAKS,  we’ve watched films on YOUTube,  we’ve read,  we are curious and want to know,  finally.  Are all 100 of these guys guilty?  What effect is finding out going to have for generations of residents to follow?  Can’t wait to find out.



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How much money has the County spent on Recusal Hearings for Judge Strother,  Judge Matt Johnson, and Abel Reyna so far?  Just on Carrizal?  Just the Recusals?

Since that money will be multiplied 97 more times it’s an interesting question.

Our Judges and DA’s just don’t want to budge or “self recuse”,  looks like there will be 97 more fights in the pricey future.  Since Sheriff Mc makes the news more than the others,  we’re going to just have to pick him out as our example of “high maintenance.”

THE WACO EXTREMIST HAD THIS TO SAY IN 2016 There is more if you are interested.

Bankrupting a County for Dummies: The Legacy of Parnell McNamara

First step, right out of the box, he came into office dragging a lawsuitfor prejudicial treatment of his employees that would eventually cost the County a cool $2 million (that’s Million, with an “M”). And again, don’t fall for the cover story that the County only paid out $600,000 (as if that isn’t enough), the rest being paid by the State insurance pool.  Who do you think pays into that pool? That’s right! The Counties! And where do the Counties get the money to pay into the pool? Right again! The taxpayers! So, back to the original point … Parnell cost the County $2 million dollars going in, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We also proudly have a converted ambulance with a trailer on the back for our bomb squad.



Let’s get these proceedings out in the public,  let’s get this thing going we all have questions,  this is the FIRST trial,  let’s see how many fresh angry attorneys they have to go through with this.

Could there have been a “better way?”  Is someone going to tell us in hindsight what went wrong and what was supposed to happen?

What happened at TWIN PEAKS in 2015 and how is the jury going to feel about Jake Carrizal.  Can’t wait.

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