I never even said the words, “voter fraud” , somewhere what I wrote tipped that over, which is okay but…….I didn’t say that, nor do I think that, however………..a reader rant is a reader rant…..

So much for my point being, able to use the words “Twat Waffle”, I was pretty delighted with myself until my reader thought I was talking voter fraud. WHY? It’ll take some weed to get over this.

OOOOOh, look at you, double dog dare me, if I had proof, you know I’d bring it on, I don’t. I never said I did. There was talking after the election, and whining, and I was not and am not the person to “bring it on” over that, and those who talked to me, well, they decided they didn’t have enough either. If you don’t like my stuff, you don’t have to read it, and “yes” I do print rumor. Take a deep breath, happy you clarified that and my apologies, sorta. I get your point.

Never said a word about voter fraud. I do not believe there was or is voter fraud so don’t get all ahead of me. Nope. I know how the voting works, I went to Civics class.

The story I got was never one that went inside the voting, so don’t get all cracra over that. I know that nothing shifty happens at the election office. The people there have been working the polls for years and years.

I was mostly referring to Par’s obvious “slate” of candidates. Face it, he went out of his way for Guerrerro and you know it, and subsequent, “you weren’t one of us” comments to a few people who didn’t win. Yes, I can back up. No election fraud but we certainly had a “King Maker” the last go around.

Thanks for reading, or not.




I double-dog dare you to provide anything indicating that ballot boxes were “found” and delivered by an SO Deputy. Put up or shut up. The election where the Twatwaffle (only thing you got right) was elected was the last one using the old fully electronic machines. There were no “boxes of ballots” to be found. The ballots were electronically stored on a JBC (Judge’s Booth Controller) and could only be entered using an attached voting booth and could only be retrieved and counted using proprietary software. The machines are carefully checked out to the Presiding Judge of the polling location and are checked in the same way.

There isn’t voter fraud in this county to any level that would challenge the validity of an election. I’ve worked on election integrity in the trenches for 13 years. I started working elections and became an election judge primarily because I wanted a front row seat to identify voter fraud or any vulnerabilities. I have found none.

Your stories don’t even make sense. The picture of Twatwaffle (the only thing you got right) with the Sheriff is MONTHS after the election in which she was elected. I don’t believe they had ever met before that day. That’s not defending the Sheriff. That’s stating the obvious fact that we are bound by linear time and one thing happened well after the other thing.

If you want to make accusations and allegations, you had better be prepared to back that shit up.

Giving my name and email address. I fully claim these comments.

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