Harry doesn’t usually put stuff up about National News. Too many Trump loving friends, so I usually just don’t go there. That said, I heard just about the craziest sh*t I ever heard when Nancy Pelosi’s husband got attacked by an intruder and was beaten with a hammer. Paul Pelosi is currently 83, so he was what, 81 when this happened, anyway, a few of my very best friends, heard and relayed to me some wildass stories about Paul Pelosi having a gay lover that visited him this morning, lover’s quarrel and the lover hit him with a hammer. Jeezuschristonacupcake. Every broke dick (one word or two?) renter, squatter, homeowner in the world has a security camera or doorbell at this time, hell, they have them in Bellmead. The crime is not only on film from the Pelosi camera, there is also a street camera for the ritzy neighborhood, and the cops had body cams that captured the entire thing. All these films of Pelosi getting attacked AND his attacker getting TO THE HOUSE were played for a Federal Jury and they found that the intruder, one David DePape did it. AFTER A TRIAL.

There’s not much to respect out there, I’m the first person to tell you that. One thing I truly hope you believe in though is the jury system itself. The last trial I watched was Seth Sutton. That jury went back and forth “guilty”, “not guilty”, for over TWELVE very hard hours. I believe in juries. I believe that twelve people when stuck together after watching TWO sides fight hard for the truth, are the best we have and they together deserve our faith and respect for sure.

Do I like Nancy Pelosi? Well, what year is this? She’s been there too long and is too old. THIS has nothing to do with that in my mind, it has to do with crazy ass bullshit people say when, face it, this is 2023 and you are on camera.

Well, you’re on camera unless you get stopped by a McLennan County Sheriff’s Deputy, that is.

I also asked South Bosque Tommy if he thought an 80 something year old man was still having sex and he told me that all a man that age could do was “lean into a vibrating power tool just right”.

That settled?


David DePape found guilty in federal trial over Paul Pelosi hammer attack (msn.com)

David DePape found guilty in federal trial over Paul Pelosi hammer attack

ABC News

David DePape found guilty in assault against Paul Pelosi

A federal jury has convicted the suspect accused of the violent hammer attack against Paul Pelosi at his and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco home last year.

The jury began deliberating Wednesday afternoon before reaching a verdict late Thursday morning, finding David DePape guilty on both federal counts.

Pelosi, 83, suffered a skull fracture after being struck in the head with a hammer during the early morning attack on Oct. 28, 2022, which occurred just days before the midterm elections, police said.

DePape, 43, was arrested at the scene and subsequently charged with attempted kidnapping and assault on account of a federal official’s performance of official duties. The charges carry a maximum sentence of 20 years and 30 years, respectively, in prison. He has pleaded not guilty.Expand article logo  Continue reading

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