WANTED: Willing Mexicans, Hispanics, part Mexicans, or can dress like a Mexican to be seen WITH a man who has a real MEXICAN running against him. Here is another suck face, Doc Anderson pretending to be a guy from Matamoros named “El que tiene labios como de pez”,

Translation: Fish Lips

Big surprise there, Twatwaffle JP Lucyann Hyphenated-Name Miramontez hasn’t completed her ETHICS TRAINING yet. Guess when you’re a suck up to the Sheriff, the rules don’t count for you. Yep, Twatwaffle is part of “Parnell’s Posse”.

Another big non story by the Trib, a former newspaper also with no ethics that now exists so we can read the obituaries.

Too bad De Los Santos hasn’t asked about those ballot boxes allegedly coming in late being delivered by a certain S.O Deputy, naw, too hard, that would require some work, Instead we have the stale story of the criminal who sucked up to the right person and got elected as JP. Great.

Below are photos of a bored Cody Blossman, Parnell doing pinky shakes with the JP who we wish would buy some clothes that fit.

It’s important now that Parnell has Hispanics as props you know, the next Republican meeting let’s see how many Hispanic deputies he can terrorize and get to go with him.



FATHER/SON DAY AT WESTFEST | Exposing small town corruption and secrets in Waco, Texas. | I’m Mad Too, Harry. (

Ethics training remains for Waco JP to have charge dropped (

Justice of the Peace Lucyann Sanchez-Miramontez has completed most of her requirements to have a Class B misdemeanor misuse of official capacity charge from last year dismissed, but a court hearing has been delayed to give her more time to complete ethics training.

Requirements Sanchez-Miramontez has completed since starting a pretrial diversion plan in February include paying restitution to the city of Beverly Hills for misspent city money during her time as mayor there, submitting an official confession, passing three drug tests, and part of an assigned 30 hours of ethics training, said Hill County Attorney David Holmes, the special prosecutor appointed to the case.

Holmes said the McLennan County Precinct 5 JP’s attorney has told him Sanchez-Miramontez is completing the last handful of training hours.

If she completes the remaining requirements, the charge will not officially be filed, he said.

A court date scheduled for March, a month after Holmes approved the pretrial diversion agreement, was rescheduled for September. The September date for the hearing, when the court could affirm completion of the diversion program requirements and dispose of the case, was pushed back to last month before being delayed again, Holmes said. The delays came at Sanchez-Miramontez’s request since she had not completed the ethics training.

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