“I’d rather have a sister in a whorehouse than a brother in the Texas Rangers”…..Anonymous

click on the audio below for the 911 call when Mike died, this is Sherre Johnston who made the call with Par and Cody there.

Sheriff’s brother, DA’s chief investigator Mike McNamara dies (

Before September 2, 2015, Parnell had a shadow. A man who truly knew his place, brother Mike. If you have an heir and a spare, Mike was all that. Not the show pony good looking brother, Parnell, Mike was the “smart one”, Mike was the kind one, and Mike kept a lid on Parnell. Sure, he participated in childish bullshit with a collection of cherry bombs left over in the barn from 1950, but Mike was there to keep the peace. Mostly the family peace and keep Parnell in check. Never has a man had a more willing and loyal “second” than Parnell.

Things changed radically on September 2, 2015, Mike was gone in a New York Minute with a woman who was everyone’s little girlfriend, AND the Fire Chief at the time’s wife, which never stopped anyone either, in fact everyone became “daddy buddies”, including Sherre Johnston’s own husband. They passed her around but didn’t ever make sure she got home okay. My gay friends never let a friend drive drunk, just sayin’ here.

The first thing Parnell does on his own is get Cody Blossman, go over to the American Inn, try to calm down Sherre Baby, and they MOVE Mike’s dead or dying body to the grassy knoll over by the Walmart and Longhorn Steakhouse.

Why there? Because although Mike died an adulterer, they damned sure didn’t want him lying to his then twenty year plus relationship live in Susan Istre. Oh gawd no. He cheated on her but they didn’t want her to think he wasn’t at the Walmart buying a hunting license.

Now, I’ve pondered this one deeply for years.

They made Mike’s lie to Susan the truth, fuck the having to dress the poor guy with Sherre having a fit, we gotta get him over to the Walmart for Susan.

The first thing, the first reaction is a lie.

Not just a lie but a gawddamned Hollywood Production lie, with extras, cars, characters off the street, and an instant replacement for the dead conscience/brother/smart one/didn’t kiss ass.

That day set the scene for what we have now and what we can see and hear about conditions over at the Sheriff’s department between ex favorite son, Chris, and always was the favorite since 2015, Cody Blossman.

Amazingly enough, unlike Jack Harwell or Larry Lynch, Parnell is “out of the loop” on just about everything. He’s a good looking hologram now, still reliving his “day we got Kenneth Allen McDuff”, which Par managed to weave even into his fk boring eulogy of Steve January. January’s death should be noted as January was just Renfield to Par’s Count Dracula. Steve’d do anything. He’d do Par’s bidding run through a filter of not going to jail and remembering the other people on the phone could be taping caution.

Cody and Chris saw how Par bent over backwards to “take care” of Steve January, who’s last public statement was something to the effect, “I’m going to beat this thing (stage 4 pancreatic cancer) and look forward to my new career”. Dead in a month.

Now Par has no idea of right and wrong. Par has no clue “how to feel”, he’s a hologram unless Char or someone now deceased tells him, AND now, no one wants to. The filters are gone, it’s just Cody and Chris seething at one another waiting for the final season and episode of ‘SUCCESSION’ to see who comes out after daddy’s dead.

Chris is just as much a henchman and hatchet man as January or Cody, Chris’ fk up his fellow BROTHERS of THE BROTHERHOOD.

Chris is clever too. Well, up tp a point, Chris has been spread thin of late. He has gone from number one son to “back up boy”, and now he wonders if perhaps calling “The Fainting Goat”, and totally fucking up a fellow peace officer, was a cool thing and as pleasing as it seemed at the time in retrospect. Cute, satisfying, but now the paperwork is annoying.

Chris has done bad things to his fellow deputies without fail, without question. It’s more than just taking the test for Par who famously, “can’t log on”.

We must stop here and ponder this. Parnell cannot log on to a computer.

If you can believe a drunk who almost killed you one night say, “I’m sorry I don’t remember a thing”, well, Parnell cannot log on ranks right on up there and takes pondering, and a lot of weed.

Eubanks puts his prefectly wonderful, almost new, dream house, I loved the ceiling fans, hell, Rebecca had to be happy there, it was perfect, organized and I don’t know what else you would want. When you see them with their family, they look happy.

Probably have a pony.

The entire town knew the nano second the Eubanks put their house on the market. Then, it sells, rumors about the police chief of West. One would think that Par would help Chris get the position, all would be good, because Par had to know Chris was selling his house and the police chief of West, Chris White, well, NO ONE LIKES HIM, and he has to weigh in at 420 pounds of sweating polyester blaze faced manhood. Aderhold is on the City Council and Eubanks, who ain’t no fool and quite ambitious is a Funeral Director. I ridicule him as the “Embalmer” but in reality what the hell has Cody to fall back on?

So Parnell created a contest. Par also had no clue that Chris and Cody were a modern day Cain and Abel because Par’s head is just up his ass and he can’t log on and somebody has to read Harry to him or just “sum it up” because they don’t want him to be upset because Parnell is big frog in small pond.

I don’t know if someone is the “next Sheriff” in here or what the carrot at the end of the string is.

I got rid of my daddy issues a long time ago and this whole thing is teeming with it. Par’s bound to have “daddy issues”. I have NEVER met Parnel. I never will. He and Mike gave me the creeps way back in 1972. No thank you.

However, I was TP’s friend. Surprised? Yes, I was.

Par comes by his daddy issues with reason. Par’s the good looking red M&M with the rotten, empty peanut inside.

Everyone has spoiled him, kissed his ass, taken tests, covered up, hid their eyes, and slid into the abyss of his “quirks”.

Notice no one TAUGHT Grandpa to google.

Summit at the Saltgrass was Par finding out the hard way Chris was pissed. Resignation letters hit and Par was forced to realize that his two sons hated eachother and neither was going to give in.

Everyone plus the new hatchet man Barnum, also married to the face of FUCK YOU Christina Barnum, was there to Henry Kissinger the deal which I am sure went over really big too. I wonder what does Par have to offer Chris at this point?

Chris is hurt. Chris got betrayed for a lifetime of doing shit for Par and in the end the man who merely moved his brother with him wins so they can keep that secret secure as long as possible as if anyone fucking could possibly not know OR CARE for crying out loud.

It’s not what is. It’s about how it should be and how Par keeps trying to make it so.

Move your brother’s body.

Transform your daughter’s baby daddy from scumbag who dies with 22 year old girl, plus a felon, plus NOT filing on “Beau” for beating up two jailers, oh, no, he’s at the McNamara cemetery in Bosqueville with Mike Mc status. “Once upon a time in Lacy Lakeview”.

They have nothing to offer Rebecca and Chris. They’ve made it without Par if you get right down to it and other shit they can do if they get pissed off enough.

What could Par or Char offer Chris and Rebecca? Nothing.

Did they turn it all into a “pity party” for poor Daddy Par who did so much for you? Or did Char manage to just threaten someone with something, which led to small infractions like taking a test for Par, onward to whatever mayhem is most recent for Eubank.
Take a paper handwritten by Par out of a file. No problem, get rid of it. Sure.

Only to be replaced by someone Chris and everyone else seemingly detests.


He and Char just played with Sherre Johnston in March, they knew she’d get in trouble and Par got her to go campaign for Josh Tetens, and she did. She ultimately drove off in a Lexus without THE BLOW DEVICE, and got into trouble, they knew she would but encouraged her to go do this. I hate the bitch but they used her and got her out of trouble and she spent the past year in 120 degree heat in prison for being their puppy dog.

Par and Char used Chris and Rebecca and now wants to guilt them back into Daddy’s hands.

Will it work?

Will Chris man up and leave before March even if it “makes Par look bad”?

Will Cody go along with it.

What is the ultimate deal? Par resigns “for personal reasons” right before the election and put Cody’s name up there?

Chris quits and tells the world where the money is and how Par got it with the Commissioners and audior, plus Felton looking on ?

Chris and Cody make peace, continue to kiss Par and Char’s ass and AFTER the election Par resigns, Cody becomes Sheriff and Chris his Captain and we all go to Bosqueville where Parnell continues to control the county and lonely men after death.

Would a member of THE BROTHERHOOD ever rat out another member?

Fuck no. Just get that out of your head right now.

There is no SERPICO.

They’ll call Bruceville and just FUCK someone they have nothing against just to please Parnell but to tell the truth and be a real LAW ENFORCEMENT person like we, the idiots out here, think we deserve because we do, not happening.

So we watch and we wait what they think we don’t see, and maybe we’ll send in a Public Information Request for Resignation letters on Monday.

OR AC will write me about what his magic 8 ball decision maker toy says.


This is a stupid, greedy, mean, low life couple who want to be somebody. They want to be young. They chip away at young people and make them do bad shit. Par and Char groom deputies for their own dark side, one test or one dead relative at a time.

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