Parnell rescues posse. If it’s old or young, Par will rescue it. Posse here is precious. Par will ride in and save all of you, UNLESS, you’re Johnnie Sharp. This Bastard we call our Sheriff has known about the kidnapping of Johnnie Sharp and her money for years. He knows about the total bullshit FRONTIER BIOLOGICS AND STEM CELL CREAM Ponzi Scheme.

What he does not know is that half the town has gone to the MCDONALD’S on Valley Mills and watched the Justice Bullshit up close and personal. Now, however, Mary Justice, shows up alone to flirt and “make nice” to her future marks, old men sitting with her.

Parnell knew and knows about Johnnie Sharp and does NOTHING. He does nothing because he has known the Justices all their lives, they used to play with Mandy and Missy, they install vanity lights under his Jeep and it’s fine just fine.

If Parnell likes you or you’re one of his cronies you’re okay, if not, you’re screwed.

Someday this will all catch up with this crazy man who is trying to fill his shoes AFTER his death or retirement. Sorry you didn’t have boys, old man, to leave your fucking job to.

Reader rant below, the above was just mine yet again, screaming into the abyss.


So, am I missing something here? Bitcoin files a lawsuit and Felton writes a sweet dismissal letter acting like they never did and they were working For the county in solving this mystery? And how interesting in the sweet letter that it Never discloses that tax payers Paid this fiasco, and the woman Still got to keep her money! Yet- hey! Sheriff is more interested in solving $15k than Johnnie Sharp’s MILLIONS! BTW- what a glorious fucking day for those Justices!

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