Is Maxim magazine still in existence? Years ago they had just the best article for men on what happens with every drink you give a girl. From one drink to the ugliness and possibilities of what happens after 5.

Nowhere is the difference between men and women more glaring or perhaps a class difference too, than Baylor.

Beautiful girls, who have daddies, sometimes daddy is a Senator or Congressman too, the pride of their families, finally graduate from High School to go to their beloved ideal, “Baylor”. Their parents, let’s say are Baptist, they have gone to girls camp, girls school perhaps and their parents have watched them like hawks.

They go to Baylor, hit perhaps their first real party out of their hometown, get a big football player boyfriend, and the rest is just another day at the Baylor beach of lawsuit after lawsuit.

Do I have any answers? No.

I didn’t grow up in a fluffy pink world where ponies just wander up (bitter), Daddy is somebody and has money, catered birthday parties, and the like.

We knew that if we served Uncle Henry or the priest over five drinks at some Czech wedding, and they tried to touch us it was our fault. This was also not the answer, I don’t have one.

I will tell you this much, this picture of McCaw could get him a guest appearance in the next POLTERGEIST for sure.

I surely am not photogenic, I hide from the cameras, of course if there is a picture of me it’s likely to get perverted by Char or little Sherre on some fake page, so that’s a deterrent also, BUT this photo, you gotta love it.

Another year another Baylor rape another lawsuit.

Just shakin’ my head.


Briles and McCaw defend their record in Title IX trial involving Baylor (

“After that, Richard Willis told me Art Briles would take the fall,” McCaw said. He elaborated that “Baylor University had a wide-ranging problem with interpersonal violence and sexual assault, and the regents wanted to blame it all on one program, on one man, Art Briles.”

Here is your new Ian McCaw doll, ready for Halloween night.

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