You have crime in your neighborhood, you SEE stuff going on? You call the cops? How’d that go for you?

It’s do it yourself time to get rid of crime in Waco. Good luck. This is a tragic story and it’s a damned shame NOTHING GETS DONE.

No, they aren’t worried about sex crimes here! There’s a well known house on that weird remaining street from by-gone years before Valley Mills was expanded in front of UHAUL. That house has been red tagged by every entity only for the tags to be taken down, it’s a house of hell! They shoot up the homeless women with ICE and force them into prostitution, there’s a well known room in there for graphic porn movies being made for payment of the dope, and there’s another room for doing nothing but for men to go in and beat the women to shit. Neighbors listen to the screams of terror, watch the men in and out, and the women stumble in stupor. YET NO ONE is ever arrested there. After all, it’s just homeless people, right? They have no value to anyone, so let them just get killed. Wrong! Everyone has value and if anyone would take the time to listen to their stories, it would shock you on how many times the word “government “is used as the reason their lives stagnates and are stolen from them, forced to live without identification, as it has been taken from them and left with nothing to prove who they are any longer. Without an ID you can’t even try to get food stamps, Medicaid, a place to live or a job! Go to the homeless camps and you will see a world where babies and children are also forced to live. The diapers everywhere is a sickening sign. What these children live in is their only vision of life, and the sickening experiments done in the 60’s still haunt us today. They’ve done nothing but experiment on citizens from god only knows when, and they continue to do so. Many are so far gone on drugs supplied to them, but that doesn’t mean they’re all like that, and each deserve help. They’re more than whores and door heads, and society turning their heads won’t make this go away.

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