Jeezus, they want to RAISE THE AGE for Judges in Texas. That means, we could get THIS mean, ugly old bastard back on the bench to let rapists go.

Proposition 13 seeks to raise retirement age for state judges (

Go the hell home, Ralph, too old? You’re the fucking poster child for too old.

Editor’s note: Voters have amended the Texas Constitution 517 times since 1876, and they will get the chance again Nov. 7. This is the 13th of a series of Tribune-Herald articles examining the intention and implications of the 14 amendments on the ballot.

Texas voters will decide Nov. 7 on raising state judges’ mandatory retirement age from 75 to 79, a measure advocates say would allow courts to keep wisdom and experience of long-tenured judges.

Texas legislators this year chose to put Proposition 13 on the Nov. 7 ballot so the Texas Constitution could be amended to make the change.

The proposition, which was authorized by House Joint Resolution 107, states: “The constitutional amendment to increase the mandatory age of retirement for state justices and judges.”

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