I just threw up a little in my mouth, Riding For the Brand………..omg

Dang, Harry you just keep out doing yourself,

Seems to me like we have folks maybe opening their eyes to the fact the only one that Parnell is worried about is himself. Ride for the brand my butt…. Who does Parnell McNamara think he is? He lives in a fantasy world where he thinks he is the sheriff of Dodge City and that he has a Posse that he can call up to get them bad guys. While he sees himself as Matt Dillion the rest of the world sees him as one bullet Barney.  How many FEMALES did they physically save? Not them girls at the Rub and Tug they are trained to yell sexual assault as soon as they hit the good old US of A automatic GREEN CARD! Oh, and the seafood buffet nope no damsels in distress there either. I can only recall one more that was simi legit and the research showed that McLennan County got one conviction in 7 Years….. All one big smoke screen and free publicity for old Par, hell he can’t even keep his own family straight much less McLennan County. Now on to the latest and greatest news from the front. Chris Eubank, Rebecca Eubank, Pars favorite children until it came to publicly claiming them nope not going to happen old Chris boy came from the wrong side of the tracks, too much questionable stuff in his background according to Char and Par. He should have helped move the body I reckon…. Good old Major Pam came out of retirement to help old boy out since the mass exodus of jailers and other key personal from the JAIL just to be treated like a red headed stepchild by Pars new favorite son Cody Blossman. Just look back on Parnell’s past behavior surely, they are not stupid enough to think they are special. Once he is done with them out the door you go… hell he isn’t even worried about that pesky test thing anymore that was so long ago nobody is going to listen to Chris now. Parnell ain’t worried about him The double dipping we all know that is sitting in a drawer somewhere hoping it will be like dog poo and just dry up and go away. Parnell is a narcissist no one or thing not even Char is above him just ask him; the world owes Parnell after all he has managed to fool every single older female at the women’s republican club. But of course, to be fair most of these ladies lead a sheltered life and I would imagine ran in the same elite circles as him and could not fathom anyone lying to them. I love it that Kenneth McDuff must remind everyone during campaign season that Parnell was nothing but an ESCORT “kinda like a prom date pick em up and drop em off” I wonder who took the lead at the dance,  I think McDuff was taller than Parnell, so my guess is Kenneth… Parnell was not then and never was part of the reason McDuff was caught unless you count hanging his wanted poster at the Federal courthouse. Parnell cannot manage to keep his lies straight; our jail staffed or keep the taxpayer from paying for his mistakes! It is refreshing to see that he has an opponent Jeff Aguirre that is way more qualified for the job and is not bothered by Parnell’s intimidation tactics or continuous lies. Here is one thing for sure NUMBERS do not lie and Parnell is draining our Jail daily. I just hope since his opponent worked at the Sheriff Department he knows where some of the bodies are buried. Continue to keep us posted Harry! I love it when the phone dings and it is you!!!!!


  1. Hell Bern why don’t you throw your hat in the ring and run against ole Par. I think with your knowledge of the law,you would be a welcome relief from the circus we got now. I love reading your articles

    1. Thanks a million Roger, thanks for reading me. I am way to old to even be a walmart greeter, we really have a terrible group right now, don’t we/ Thanks again xoxo

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