It’s Fall, Par’s been hoisted into the deer blind and his taking stock of his possessions, including his posse of ponies of questionable origin.

You realize Harry has a bad thing about horses. Bad. These entitled bastards have horses, “just wander up”, poor girls, like me we had a stick or a picture, daughters of nobodies don’t have Shetland ponies “wander up”, Par’s daughter did.

Yes, it seems some of the horses, especially Char’s pony that she says “just wandered up” do look like those confiscated or rescued horses from a while back but, hell, who am I, just because no horse ever “just wandered up” around me, or guns, or RV’s or banker wankers………….

Show us all the other shit you have to take care of or insure.


  1. › 2022 › 03 › 27 › it-just-wandered-up“IT JUST WANDERED UP”…. – I’m Mad Too, Harry.Mar 27, 2022I ‘m mad, you should be mad too. Real mad. A sad Palomino horse was rescued by our Sheriff’s department. I remember how good that story felt and wondered what happened to the ponies afterwards. Well, we proved on Day 1 The Donkey Show, that Parnell had a donkey delivered to the Pleasant Valley Rest Home for Donkies, address, a deputy’s house.
  2. https://immadtooharry.comI’m Mad Too, Harry. – Waco/McLennan County, TexasI’m still pissed off McNamara’s daughter had a pony “just wander up“. PUBLIC OUTCRY AND OUTRAGE OVER ANOTHER COVER UP DEATH | Exposing small town corruption and secrets in Waco, Texas. | I’m Mad TooHarry. ( It must be difficult to manage lies, upon lies, upon more lies. I don’t envy them. That would …

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