The Sixth Commandment (TV series) – Wikipedia A series about elderly manipulation new on BRITBOX

Just in time for Christmas! Take over an elderly person and totally mess up the entire family and fortune for all eternity. Anna Nicole’s daughter, if you remember, wound up with the entire J. Howard Marshall estate and kazillions.

Note: Do not give the Hispanic driver or your elderly person CASH. Ever.

A recent Hearing in Judge Vik’s court was interesting because “Friends for Life”, is now in charge of Johnnie Sharp’s finances, both Chad Justice AND Brad Sharp signed off on it.

However, Chad somehow still wound up with Johnnie Sharp. She is his by Court Order.

Not her son, grandkids, nope. Chad Justice, why, because as the story goes “Johnnie Sharp hates her son and wants nothing to do with him or the kids”, according to Chad, relaying what “Miss Johnnie’s wishes”.

Since Johnnie Sharp IS on HOSPICE, the family went to see her the very night after the Hearing.

The next day they were told to “make an appointment” with Chad to see Johnnie Sharp.

Chad was called and did grant the family time with the mother, grandmother who is on Hospice.

She (Johnnie) looks very upset about it, below, she seems to totally detest the grand kids, Brad, and the horse that they rode in on.

So, thanks to Chad for allowing this to happen.

Anyone desiring to know the names of the more than questionable attorneys on the other side of this, that LOST custody for Brad and his family with 30 witnesses they didn’t call in the audience, please pm me.


Oh horrors, what a good actress Johnnie is. Wow.


  1. Sad, very sad. Perhaps the right hand doesn’t understand what the left hand did in Judge Vik’s court?

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