I‘m mad, you should be mad too. Real mad.

A sad Palomino horse was rescued by our Sheriff’s department. I remember how good that story felt and wondered what happened to the ponies afterwards.

Well, we proved on Day 1 The Donkey Show, that Parnell had a donkey delivered to the Pleasant Valley Rest Home for Donkies, address, a deputy’s house. He gave the deputy a donkey after the county fed it, vet bills, and a four hundred dollar plus delivery.


Now, we have the pretty Palomino. The Law states they’re supposed to get the animals up and going and then sell the at the Auction Barn. Well, I can’t find the Palomino.

I wonder if it “Just wandered up” as Char wrote about her new “Rescue”, that just wandered up and they “just clicked”.

Your property tax is going up 30%, when are you going to have enough of paying for Parnell’s fun while the auditor, Commissioners, and County Judge just think he is sooo cute.

Follow the trail.

Poor horse, I hate this

After a good vet, water, and care the horses are ready to go to auction, or are they? These three photos, the sad one and these two are from the County files that keep up with the animals and help identify them. Hello?

“It just wandered up”……………..Charlotte’s facebook

Everyone wants a pony. Are you seeing this?????

5 thoughts on ““IT JUST WANDERED UP”….

  1. And we wonder why law enforcement is hated, starts at the top, you can’t continue to cover shit, it will eventually surface. Back the blue, till it happens to you.

    1. Well said…. “Back the Blue until it happens to you”. If Parnel McNamara drove to Texas Roadhouse and shot a waiter dead would anyone do anything other than sweeping the floor?

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