Riding for the Brand on a horse that “just wandered up” after being seized by the Sheriff’s department with a paper trail that …. just goes nowhere and horses that show up at the McNamara ranch, and the home of his daughter.

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Parnell sure as hell hopes you watched YELLOWSTONE, he has built his whole campaign on his cousin, Taylor Sheridan. RIDING FOR THE BRAND in Parnell’s eyes is his deputies and Merry Men being LOYAL to him. This bullshit of him being loyal to the voters is horseshit.

RIDING FOR THE BRAND is a message, not for the public but for those who work for him and he knows hate him, leak shit to me, and talk shit behind his chalk boned ass.

He’s too old. He’s got too many friends who suck up to him and are more than willing to just stick it to you if Par wants it that way. They’re all old too, they can’t hang around forever, as Steve January.

Vote out all these incumbents, every one of them, they’ve had their day.

Vote for youth and vigor, vote for someone who hasn’t had sex with everyone’s aunt, grandmother, and wife.

Vote for someone with sense enough to know that bodycams protect deputies and children in our schools.

Vote for Jeff Aguirre and against this antique has been.

Parnell McNamara, the degenerate offspring of an illustrious sire.


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