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We, the people, want a Sheriff who has actual Deputies, not caregiver/drivers, sure he’ll drive his antique car in a parade. Well, not the one in BOSQUEVILLE last weekend, they seem to have forgotten to invite him AND no one would let him out of the driveway of his home/Civic Center/not oned residential. He was waving wildly and people were just waving back and laughing. You go old boy, they’re laughing at you. Unless you’re a member of Par’s pu%%y posse and over 70, you want someone younger with some vigor that isn’t a Narcissist. Riding for the Brand, yeah, you ride shotgun because you have wrecks. Get a fkn grip.

Dear Harry,

I see that you used a current photo of the illustrious sire in your Riding for the Brand Story. How old is that photo from the BS Artist story? That was a lot of make up or some awful good filters. It truly amazes me that people in McLennan County still do not realize that he was just a Deputy Marshall NOT a Certified Police Officer or Marshall but a Federal Bailiff and People Transporter. If you notice, he still take every opportunity to throw up photos of him with some criminal that was just picked up from another arresting agency and transported here… The fact that he lives in the past and tries to glorify his past amazes me, do people not do research on the candidates anymore? Do people not look at the budgets anymore? I guess if you have money none of this matters you just make a late-night phone call to the Parnell McNamara and your “walk through” McLennan County jail suddenly just vaporizes… Kinda like the “HUMAN TRAFFICKING” of the prostitutes at the massage parlor it just went away… When will people start seeing what is right in front of them? Parnell McNamara has never had a good reputation in Waco Texas with the people that have been in Waco for years with the few exceptions some ladies ((cough cough)) liked him. Of Course, after he was elected there are the wealthy “OLD MONEY” people that keep him in their pocket just in case. Parnell McNamara is not a sheriff for the people, but he is a puppet for the wealthy and the ones he has “something illicit or illegal” on he will blackmail them with that until he dies.

Tired of the Lies


  1. Have any of these people heard of “passing the torch”? They are so selfish, they don’t even realize they are robbing everyone of their future…..

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