THIS old man below is a bullshit artist. He NEVER was a Marshall, no, he was a hired escort, actually got Democratic Congressman Chet Edwards to help get him and brother Mike retirement.

THIS old man, along with Cody Blossman who he corrupted that very day, and his interchangeable girlfriend, Mike/Par, Sherre Johnston moved his either dead or dying BROTHER from the American Inn so the womenfolk wouldn’t know Mike was cheating with Sherre.

THIS old man refuses to allow his own deputies BODYCAMS, his deputies want the bodycams but 1823 Par doesn’t want them. What about school shootings, old boy?

THIS old man owes $815,000 to private bank, Community Bank AND possible frequenter of the Rub and Tug, David Lacy at 2% and has never paid on it.

THIS old man helps his friends and those who throw money at him and if you don’t and piss him off he comes after you. He’ll even get his buddies, the Rangers, AND any other entity he knows, Travis County Sheriff’s Dept, Travis County DA, Georgetown Sheriff, to come after you. That’s what he did to me. Because he’s a crook and a Narcissist. It’s just who his spoiled, entitled ass is.

Hollywood Par

THIS is a law enforcement officer. Jeff Aguirre doesn’t call everyone he arrests, “scumbag”, notice how Parnell’s own son in law sorta wasn’t a scumbag even though he died with needles, drugs, opiates, AND steroids in the apartment of a woman, not Par’s daughter either. Nope. “Beau” didn’t get called a “scumbag” even when he went to jail and made the news a few times, hmm.

Jeff Aguirre changes lives for the better.

Jeff Aguirre doesn’t consider himself Judge and Jury.

Below is an unsolicited comment from a woman Jeff Aguirre helped years ago.

It speaks for itself.

Read it and tell me who you want to arrest your wayward son or daughter?

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