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Well, this older post really got to him. He had an affair with Connie Dunn, her husband died, she asked Par to “appraise” the guns, well, he took them and never gave them back. Ask the family about the confrontation in his office. That gun safe he showed you, well, that’s the Dunn’s too.

Notice Parnell has to have women around him constantly? Yep. You go old girls, are you all part of the Parnell Pu**y Posse? Well, he’s now calling you “angels” because you’re probably too old for the Pu**y Posse now. Retired.

Man surely loves guns, too bad he doesn’t LOVE body cams.

This photo is truly funny, love the 1823 black and white too. Party on………..duhhh


You girls wanna come to my place and hold my gun? Par loves to have women play with his piece, doesn’t he? Try getting the numbers off these guns and seeing who they really belong to, or were supposed to be shredded as with the sawed off Mossberg Scaramucci still has. WHY bother returning guns or shredding them when you can keep them in your office. Check the registration numbers. You girls afraid of some rapist? Ohmygawd, hysterically funny. Guess he can get you Republican women to do just about anything……….as per usual. HA~

My brain is full of so many insults as I wouldn’t put a picture of myself online with a gun for anything, neither would I be posing for a selfie with Sherre Johnston, just sayin’. The black and white ads rather a creepy grim memories of Ann Richards. He steals the guns, has an affair in front of eveyrone with Sherre, he, Sherre and Cody move his dying brother and it’s all okay with you girls. Obviously, scared of a lot of stuff except the most frightening man of all right behind him. Party on.

Par gets a viagra woody when his women hold a piece.


  1. I was wondering how he got her guns… what a pos. (what ever happened to Margaret Moore (who helped him frame Ms Dunn? Keith McManus is still running around not being charged… I assume Margaret has her daddy covering for her? )

    1. They will NEVER do anything about the situation here and for sure NEVER anything in Austin. Margaret Mills is older than I am, she’s pushing 80 and her dad died a few years ago, he was almost 100. McManus is a bastard and there is NOTHING anyone can do about him either, especially if you have nothing but what you think and what you know with NO proof. I have no proof of what THEY did, I know what htey did, can I prove it? No. They fk people all the time, if you get proof through Public Records you may have a chance, I’ve been at this for years and there will NEVER be any punishment for these people. You merely fight and go on with life, if you expect change, you will be disappointed. Hope you’re okay. When this happens, move to another State where big dick good old boys aren’t in power. I don’t have the money to do that but if you do, move the fk outta here and get something going that will NEVER involve law enforcement.

    2. parnell got half the town to spread their legs for him in days gone by. Connie Dunn surely did, Par liked married women too. THIS is how he gets things also, sort of a quasi blackmail plus, bullshit love from the 80’s and 70’s. Connie just gave her lover her husband’s stuff. Nice.

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