I don’t like drunk drivers. I guarantee you I have NOT driven drunk in over fifty five years. Nope. Learned from other people. Nothing like having a cop behind you with the lights on, nope, not going to do it much less more than once.

Shame on the prosecutors who just ignored the facts, shame on the prosecutors for pretending to be oh, so pro cop. Tell it to the Woodway cop who had to tolerate, “I’ve never done this before”, Erika, and the Robinson cops who had to put up with Sherre. THEY were so professional and nice. Think they didn’t know who these women were?

Get real.

Readers are ready for a world where people are judged FAIRLY no matter who their daddies are or what law enforcement officer they’re shacked up with.


Dear Harry

You have outdone yourself again. I love it when you call them out for what they are and what they got SPECIAL TREATMENT. Now, I have a question, I have attached a video for you and want to know is this Sherre Johnston and Erika Schwartze? Asking for a friend…….

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